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J_Swelly 12-01-2014 7:28 PM

Board suggestions??
I am brand new to snowboarding, and am looking to buy a used board off craigslist or ebay. I'm 6' 160 lbs. size 10 boots. I've done a little bit of research, but not too sure what exactly I should be looking for in terms of brands or type of board to get. Anything to look for specifically or to stay away from? Thanks for the help guys

SS_Hooke102 12-01-2014 7:50 PM

Where are you located and what type of riding will you do? Groomers? Park? Backcountry? Since you are a beginner, I would check out a ski swap, there should be one going on around you. As far as size, anywhere from 155-160 will be fine. If you ride deeper snow, I would suggest going a bit longer (closer to 160) as it will help you float. A lot of beginner-intermediate riders Are riding rockered or hybrid camber boards. I would advise looking into a hybrid as I doubt at this stage you'll be hitting 40'+ jumps which is the only place a rockered board will really hinder you. Most importantly make sure that the base is in good shape, if the base is damaged I would steer clear as water can get in to the base and destroy the core of the boArd. I know this is a lot of info... If you have any more questions, I'll check back, there is a lot of material that goes along with snowboard gear. I would suggest an extruded base right now as they can take a bit more of a beating than a sintered base. Hope it all goes well, local ski shops are usually pretty cool about giving you pointers and getting your gear set up for the season, I'd definitely check out a local ski/boardshop to get you some more info specific to you.

J_Swelly 12-01-2014 8:55 PM

Thanks for the info man. I'm actually from Texas and make one or two trips to the snow a year, so I don't have much of a local "ski shop" or a swap meet. I'll be riding mainly resort trails and terrain parks, not a lot of powder. Like you said, I'm a beginner and won't be hitting any huge jumps, but I will be riding a lot of rails. Like I said, I'm trying to go either used or as cheap as possible, so any website suggestions for good deals would be great as well.

J_Swelly 12-02-2014 6:20 PM

I just found a pretty good deal on a Burton Twin 157 w/ boots. From my bit of research, it sounds like a decent freestyle board. Anyone know anything else about this board?

wazzy 12-05-2014 9:44 AM

what year twin....??? It has been around for a long time... never really ridden one though. Rome, Ride, & Nitro all make great boards too....

dvsone79 12-16-2014 11:08 AM

A used board by Ride, Burton, etc will do the trick, but they are middle of the line boards generally speaking. You mentioned park riding and rails in particular. So a freestyle board would be best. If you want more quality from a board then narrow your search a little by looking for something from Mervin Mfg or Neversummer. Mervin includes Lib Tech and Gnu. A Gnu Carbon Credit or Park Pickle in particular. Or a skate banana from Lib Tech. Or an Evo from Neversummer. Any of those, even used, would perform very well and last you many seasons. And you'd be happier with one of the above-mentioned hand made boards than you would with some machine-made in China board from Burton, Ride, etc...

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