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lfadam 07-22-2009 3:55 PM

I had TS FS 5s consistent last year reg and switch, but this year they are not cooperating. I just started trying sw. TS 5s again this week and was right there, so I think I can dial those in on my own, but the regular ones have me puzzled. On my TS FS 3s I am landing more front foot heavy and over my toes than in years past, which seems like a good thing, I dont slide out and ride away cleaner. When I try to take it to 5, after I spin the 3 I feel like Im getting yanked out the front so I always stop the spin and just land at 3. I thought it was just a mental thing, so I tried going for the 5 and sure enough, I got pulled out the front at 450, not really an edge catch, just fell forward on my knees. Even happened a few times on the tramp today. What gives? I dont feel like Im rushing it. <BR> <BR>2nd spin: Just started working on TS BS 3s. I got my TS BS 180s down, so Im trying to get it to 3. When I get the handle quick, I get them around, but I land very squatted and on my back foot, eventually falling back towards the wake. Any advice?

nsolis220 07-22-2009 4:03 PM

put some more weight in your boat.....

garret_s 07-22-2009 4:49 PM

Wait to spin on the 5. If you are getting yanked out the front, you are probably spinning too fast off the wake. In one of the new(ish) alliance magazines, Benny G. had an article that said the best way to think about the 5 is to do a super-poppy toeside 180, then spin the last 360 on the way down. Doing mine like this has helped me 100% with consistency.

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