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lukem 08-10-2003 12:12 PM

i have been having problems with my ballast filling and draining. mostly draining. i dont know weither it is the switches or what. it seems like i have to cut my riding short of like 30 min so i can get the ballast to empty. wondering if any one else has had this problem or know how i can fix it.

ryanbush11 08-10-2003 4:23 PM

everyone has that problem, they have a recall, take it back and your dealer will fix the pumps

debsxstar 08-10-2003 4:25 PM

I just went riding this morning and couldn't empty my center ballast. The others always empty with out a hitch. The center locker ballast is temperamental. I was told by MC..... sometimes you need to switch to "fill" before you switch to "empty". I guess it helps "wet" the impeller so it's easier for the veins to reverse direction. Today I couldn't get my center one to empty even though I did this. I just took the boat out of the water with the center one full because i was in a hurry. I was told by MC it was ok. of course i don't recommend leaving all the balance full when loading etc.... I heard some people put cooking oil or Silicone lubricant inside the impeller periodically to give it more "slip". Oh I also was told it's good to give it some RMP ....like 2000 rmp and this will usually get the pump going again. Good luck.

lukem 08-10-2003 6:10 PM

ryan i have already had all the pumps replaced one time already, i dunno if it is the switches doing it this time of the pumps them selves. were do you put the oil or whatever in the pumps at.

debsxstar 08-10-2003 6:43 PM

Oops I'meant RPM.....I need to brush up on my typing skills..hahahehe <BR> <BR>Under the seat cushion there is a ballast pump and on it there is a plate with small screws. Remove the plate and the impeller is right there. I just bought some silicone lubricant spray and I'm going to try this.

myxstar 08-10-2003 6:52 PM

I also had the same problems with my pumps on my 02XStar. What I discovered is my pumps were only getting about 4.5 to 7 volts at the pump. I built a relay box to ensure all pumps always get 12v and problem solved...

lukem 08-20-2003 1:20 PM

must ride, i was wondering hwo you built that relay box. and if you have ever had anything after that not working. thanks

grwoolf 08-21-2003 7:32 PM

I had the same problems with my 02. It was caused by the voltage drop to the pumps. The wire is way too small to pull all those amps. Dealer re-wired with relays and they always work. No flipping switches back and forth or lubing impellers. Just to prove the fix, try running a set of jumper cables straight from the battery to your center pump. With the high-guage wire, the pumps will never get stuck.

adkelley 08-22-2003 12:16 PM

Great info Grant. What guage wire did you run?

grwoolf 08-22-2003 5:05 PM

The dealer rewired all 3 pumps with a combination of 8 guage and 10 guage (depending on length of run). That worked fine, but he used in-line fuses and I blew one a couple times and decided to re-engineer. I ran 6 guage from the the starter to a 60 amp combination breaker/switch and then split off to 8 guage to the relays.

lukem 08-22-2003 5:20 PM

thanks for the info grant i think i might do that cause it is just getting retarded waiting and waiting for them to kick on <BR>

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