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peterslc 03-16-2004 1:39 PM

My tennis elbow has been acting up lately when I ride, and I was wondering if anyone has tryed a hyperextension hinged brace when they ride to help the problem. If I can stop my arm from extending too far on landings, it seems the the pain could be reduced. The arm band only helps so much. Anyone have any experience with this brace?

kristian 03-16-2004 1:46 PM

I've seen some slalom skiers use them, but never found they made much differance to me. Though, I do have a real problem with a kind of tennis elbow (Its a trapped nerve but its made worse by the action of hyperextention, to the point a mad shaking and a hell of alot of pain). I finally found something which helps a little. Its a neoprene arm band, that velcro's on accross your elbow, you can find them at sport authority and such.

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