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jwr 02-12-2007 10:22 PM

Hey everybody, the MU ski and wake club will be hosting the first Mizzou Shredtacular, in conjunction with KCW. It will be held at Kansas City Watersports on April 27th, 28th, and 29th. It will be an open collegiate tournament and freeriding weekend. The focus of the weekend is to ride, and have fun, and if you�ve never ridden cable it is very similar to riding behind the boat and it is a blast. There will be free riding Friday afternoon, and Saturday, morning, then the tournament starts sat. afternoon. And finals are held on Sunday, with possible free riding on Sun. working around the finals. The competition will involve teams of 3 riders, and any school can submit as many teams as they want to. The cost will be around $50. There will be camping very near the location at a park, where there is a lake to drop boats in if you want to ride a boat (if camping isn�t your thing, there is a hotel near by to check into). Don�t forget the Mizzou Shredtacular is open to all collegiate riders, so tell your friends. And we are getting sponsors to hook us up with some prizes. Check out KCwatersports.com to see the park, and soon, more information about the tournament will be posted.

ostty 03-26-2007 11:40 AM

Justin <BR>I am with the KU Wakeboard Club we will be down. Keep us posted

prestone 03-27-2007 5:39 PM

ksu will be there as well <BR> and I believe i have a place to stay for people to camp and party at, 87th and 435 if your interested it would be free. its on a fairly large farm. <BR>ryan <BR><a href="mailto:tantrum@ksu.edu">tantrum@ksu.edu</a>

jetpilotz 04-01-2007 9:46 PM

Justin, what is Mizzou's policy for joining their team, I go to Rolla, could I join on a technicality. Second question, do you have to be on a team to ride. Third and lastly, where do you guys usually go to ride?

jwr 04-12-2007 2:38 PM

I have no idea if you could join on a technicality, I will ask our president, because you are in the U of M system. We ride mainly at mark twain, thomas hill resivour, the ozarks. But you definatly do not have to be part of any official wakeboarding team for this weekend, come out, and if you can make a team with 2 other guys, or girls, for the tournament, do it! Hope to see you there. <BR>Ryan I sent you an Email

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