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pete_moss 10-13-2007 11:57 AM

I know I saw a thread on this earlier but I can't figure out how to effectively run a search. Any info on that would help me a lot, sorry for being the newbie. <BR> <BR>I've read that the waterproof options for the ipod work decently but I'm curious as to how people don't lose their headphones and ipod to Dave Jones on a big spill. Seams like the wakeboarding version of a yard sale would be inevitable.

caseman1322 10-13-2007 8:40 PM

all of the h20 audio ipod cases have neoprene armbands that fit them. The headphones stay on your head pretty good and the chord is coiled up so it stretches. The waterproof seal where the headphone chord plugs into the top of the case into your ipod is so strong that the chord would probably break before you could unplug it just by pulling from the headphones themselves. Trust me I've taken plenty of nasty falls and have yet to loose anything. It's actually pretty rare that the headphones even come off on a bad fall.

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