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kyle_m 01-19-2012 6:21 PM

Moving to Seattle Area, USS Ronald Reagan
So today I was able to pick orders for my next duty station and will be spending the next year and a half in Bremerton aboard the USS Ronald Reagan while its in dry dock there. I know the scene up there is pretty good during the summer and figured I would try and start networking to see if I could find a crew to ride with up there this summer. I have spent the last year here in Pensacola FL, and i gotta say there is slim to none in the aspect of riding around here, just beaches and hot weather. (granted I didnt look to hard since I have been spending all my time here learning my rate) But yeah this summer was probably the most depressing going from riding the delta every day in cali to no riding out here. Sorry for the rant, but yeah if anybody in the area ever is looking for a third this summer or is open to inviting someone out drop me a PM, it would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow up there right now, cant wait to transfer in April

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