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pesos 08-27-2014 1:05 AM

What'd you do this summer Sally? Killed my instructor!

you've got to be s***ting me

Silverbullet555 08-27-2014 5:16 AM

I doubt he was acting as an instructor and he obviously wasn't very good. He also exercised poor judgement by allowing that to happen.

Darwin Award winner!

rockballer 08-27-2014 5:25 AM

I bet this wouldn't of happened if the instructor had a gun

ttrigo 08-27-2014 8:55 AM

All I can hope for, is that this girls parents don't ever tell her the truth about what happened to the instructor. The range is stupid for allowing this, and the parents are stupid for allowing this.

skiboarder 08-27-2014 9:47 AM

A 9 year old should be learning gun safety with an air-gun or a .22. What on earth is the point of letting a little girl shoot an UZI. So dumb.

skiboarder 08-27-2014 9:48 AM

It is like the dumbasses who go to the range to rent ARs and other tactical weapons. Unexperienced tourists can absolutely ruin a trip to the range. I'm trying to focus and they are pretending to be rambo.

snyder 08-27-2014 3:12 PM

I hope with plenty of therapy, the girl won't be too scarred.
My first reaction was also, why is a 9y/o shooting an uzi. I've never shot one but I hear that they "walk" quite a bit in untrained hands. Aren't they .45 cal? (EDIT: the article says it was 9mm not .45cal)
And, what instructor doesn't stand BEHIND the student when they're firing?

All in all, it's very sad. and a gift to the anti-gun crowd. Just like people "exercising" their right to open carry rifles recently. What exactly is that supposed to accomplish again?

My wife and I were at a local range one afternoon and a girl about 10-12 y/o two lanes down from us was shooting a .50cal desert eagle. That's a big gun for shaquille o'neil, much less a little girl. She couldn't hold it in firing position for more than one shot at a time. The recoil had it pointing straight up after each shot. I think her dad just wanted to get attention. "hey, look at me, my little girl can shoot a .50 cal pistol. Ain't I cool?"

downfortheride 08-28-2014 11:50 AM

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Man this is just sad all around! I'm all for teaching kids guns and how to safely use them. Both my kids are well instructed 15 and 11 but no way in hell I would want them shooting a fully auto gun.
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phathom 08-28-2014 12:08 PM

This is just sad. It unfortunately was a tragic accident, not the first of it's type for one of these machine gun shoots. I do believe that on these, even with parental consent, that there should be an age/size limit on machine gun shoots, not necessarily by law, but by whoever is putting on the event.
I am very pro gun, carry every day, and a 100% for the second amendment. I am also 100% for common sense. I know the recoil a gun being shot rapidly through bump firing. There is a lot of muzzle flip. I am not a small guy at 6'0 220lbs. My carry piece, a small frame 9mm has a lot of muzzle flip. I know the Uzi is heavier, but does get a lot lighter once those 30rds start emptying out of the magazine making recoil worse as you shoot. Shooting that full auto is going to raise quite a bit even for a grown man. When shooting full auto you don't just hold down the trigger, but do so in small bursts to control it. This is not something I would have had good control at, at 9 years old, let alone I'd think a little girl would have of the same age.
Really this was too much gun for her to handle, something larger on a bench like a M16 or AK47 would have been a much better choice, something that is larger, heavier, and easier to control the muzzle.
This was an unfortunate accident, but I think it should in no way negatively be used to affect gun owners in general. This was ran by a legitimate business who went through the proper FFL procedures (not easy ones at that) to even purchase and register these NFA weapons in the first place. Perhaps they will look into their policies and see about restructuring what size of gun they rent to what size of person. I am confident this would not have happened, had the gun been a machine rifle versus a machine pistol.

Both the parents and the rental business should have thought this through more. It's unfortunate what happened. I hope the little girl won't be scarred for life from this accident and I hope that the instructor's family will be taken care of.

ttrigo 08-28-2014 1:03 PM

It's stupidity, plain and simple. No child should be firing an auto weapon of any kind. If you want to intro kids into the world of firearms, and gun safety, like someone above stated, start with an air gun or .22 rifle. I cant imagine this instructor was forced by the range owners to do this. He clearly wasn't being very safe during his instruction. It's a darn shame this happened, and like I mentioned before, I hope the parents lied to the girl about what happened. I know she's 9, but hopefully she'll believe the instructor recovered just fine.

barry 08-28-2014 3:07 PM

Nowhere is it established that the this is the girls first time firing a weapon, she could be a competitive shooter for all we know. If this was her first time firing a full auto, the instructors mistake is filling the magazine. If he handed her a magazine with 3 rounds it gives the new-to-auto shooter an opportunity to get an idea of what she needs to do to control the weapon and keeps the weapon from getting out of control. I've seen large adult males completely shocked at how quickly an automatic weapon can get away from them... by the time they get it under control, the magazine is empty and they're aiming at mars with a terrified look on their face.

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