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mashley 08-03-2010 9:59 AM

well I tried wakeboarding for the first time this past saturday using my husbands board...it went ok...I guess! I didn't stand up...almost made it once and fell forwards...my husband wants me to be able to stand up before he'll buy me my own board! I'm determined to do this and I'm not sure if it will help any but we just put a tower on our boat, we were just pulling people from the tubing hook on the back. Any advice before I try again?

baitkiller 08-03-2010 12:54 PM

When you feel pressure against the board, push against it with your lead foot. This keeps you from going over the top and rotates the board without thinking about it. When you can't hold on any longer....... hold on a little longer.

Welcome and good luck.

BTW my wife had her own board before she even tried. But I do tend to spoil her..

aliwake 08-03-2010 4:03 PM

having the rope on the tower will definitely help you a bit - it will pull you up, rather than just forward. It's always a good idea to get towed from the highest possible point when learning anything new.
other tips: don't bend your arms - people will tend to pull their arms in when they feel unbalanced in the beginning, and it's the worst possible idea cos you WILL fall backwards. if you feel unstable, crouch lower on the board instead. straight arms are really important while you're getting up for the same reason.
Also make sure you stay really relaxed - if you tense up while you're waiting for the boat to bull you, it will force the board under the water, and then the board gets trapped under the water when the boat pulls you and you'll get pulled over the front of it. you need the front edge of the board to be floating as high as possible above the water as you start, so that the board has a path to follow to get onto the surface.
hopefully some of that was helpful! let us know how you go! you'll have your own board in no time :)

polhamus 08-03-2010 4:34 PM

there are many different ways to gettting up, but make sure he is not pushing the throttle too hard...90% boat driver. how experienced are you guys? make sure when he turns around to get you he doesn't "power turn" hahaha

cwb4me 08-03-2010 4:34 PM

monica i have addressed this before . sit on the floor with your knees bent at 45' angle. lay on your back spread your feet apart like on your board.get your husband to give you his hand or if you have a handle even better.getting up on a wake board is like getting up off the floor. if your husband pulls you up by his outstreched arm you would let you butt slide up to your heels keep your arms straight and lean against his pull. if you notice all the pressure on your feet is on your heels, thats what you want when getting up on the wakeboard. as long as your toes are 1" higher than your heels you can't sink the board without it coming right back to the surface.don't listen to the people who say kick your board with your lead foot. you want to come up with your board sideways[toes to the boat] your board acts like a air plane wing the slight upward tilt from heel to toe about 1" creates lift. all you do then is let the boat PULL YOU up. thats were the straight arms come into play. now as you are standing up lean against the line and lower the rope to your lead hip [this will help rotate you]while keeping your arms extended.at the same time you put 60% of your weight on your back leg[this helps you lean against the line] push your hips toward your toes and have some bend in your lead leg and more bend in your rear leg. if you do this position on the floor you will notice that from your knees to your shoulders your body is straight. this gives you balance.then to turn all you have to do is put more weight on your toes or your heels . take it slowly and you will be teaching your husband in a week or two. the last thing is the boat driver tell them to take off slowly it will feel more like your husband pulling you off the floor. you don't need speed just a steady pull. GOOD LUCK!:D

Fubar86 08-08-2010 2:59 PM

I DID IT!!!!! I stood up....only for like 20 seconds but still got up!! It was so much fun and I'm definitely going to keep boarding!

mashley 08-08-2010 3:15 PM

ooops..accidently made my post under my husbands login!

wakekat15 08-08-2010 3:29 PM

Way to go, Monica!! He didn't stipulate how long you had to stay up to get your own board, right?? :-D

mashley 08-08-2010 3:40 PM

nope!...now I just have to find one...wanting to spend $150 or less for board with bindings

Fubar86 08-08-2010 4:18 PM

Yeah she did great getting up...started off nice and slow for her so she could get used to turning the board out of the water. Its looking like $150 isnt going to cut it though:rolleyes::D

cwb4me 08-08-2010 5:52 PM

:Dgood job monica!! if you go to evogear.com they have additional 21% of their outlet prices. still it would be tough to get both for 150.00:(

wakekat15 08-09-2010 4:04 AM


What size board/bindings are you looking for?

denverlove 08-09-2010 10:10 AM

Yeeeah Monica! Nice job. Careful... that wakeboard bug bites pretty hard and fast! ;)

Good luck finding a setup. If possible, I'd try to shoot for more around $250-$300. If you wait just another month or so, when the season starts to end, you can find some killer deals on evogear. I highly recommend that site... absolutely love their selection, prices and they ship super fast!

mashley 08-09-2010 12:51 PM

I'm looking for probably a 130-135 board and bindings that fit a size 8

cwb4me 08-09-2010 8:08 PM

monica on evogear.com they have a 09 blur by hyperlite for 169 and a liquid force luna/prima board and boot combo for 287.82 those are evos best under your criteria.also wakenskate.com has a 09 ronix 134 krush and a cwb ember binding[8-10] for 142.50 board and 150 bindings.thats the best deals now. but after labor day is when everybody unloads last years boards. but selections and sizes are harder to find. good luck.

mashley 08-10-2010 9:45 AM

what does everyone think of a Women's Gator Lexy 137 board? is it a good board?

wakekat15 08-11-2010 4:50 AM

Hey Monica - I don't think you can really go wrong on your 1st set up to learn on, unless you get a board that is too advanced (meaning small fins which requires a great deal of edge control). Me personally, I do not like riding a board that big, but I'm only 5'3". If you wait another 3 or 4 weeks, you will likely find lots of 2010 set ups starting to go on sale as the new products get introduced next month. Enjoy progressing and watch out for those wicked face plants!! :-D

08-11-2010 11:08 AM

you need to get on the Liquid Force Luna! its a great board for every level of rider!!

denverlove 08-15-2010 11:50 AM

This explains things pretty well... How to size up your wakeboard...


mashley 09-08-2010 4:02 PM

well I went boarding again on Sunday...and did really well! I fell because I got scared of crossing over the wake...but I will do it! My husband just ordered my wakeboard and bindings from evogear! I got the 2008 Hyperlite Syn board & 2008 Hyperlite Eden bindings! so excited to have my own setup!

cwb4me 09-08-2010 6:41 PM

congrats monica you earned it.now enjoy riding on your new board and bindings.

mashley 09-16-2010 3:45 PM

well I got my board and bindings yesterday...but my binding seem huge! my question is....when I put the bindings on, I have about 2-3 inches in front of my toes before the end of the bindings...I tried a pair of mini's and my big toe is right over where the little hyperlite symbol is on the binding...I'm assuming this is where it should be...but on my bindings my toe isn't there...are my bindings too big?

aliwake 09-16-2010 3:49 PM

With open toe bindings it doesn't matter so much where your toes are - length is the least of your worries! Can you do them up firmly? Does your heel feel locked in? are the bindings wider than your foot or about right? In my opinion you want them as firm all over as you can handle without it hurting!! can you move your foot forward in the binding when you've done them up as tight as you can? Basically you need your feet to not move when they're done up. if they can, then the boots are too big.

LaurenSlaught 02-22-2011 11:11 AM

Hey Monica! Well I'm somewhat of a new rider too, just picked it up a few years ago! I don't have any great advice for helping you get up but have you ever thought of trying out a cable park? There are some all over ( Florida, California and one opening this summer in Colorado!) it's a great way to learn how to wakeboarding and a lot easier that trying to teach yourself behind a boat, check it out and good luck!

Sarah 04-15-2011 12:32 PM

Most likly your husbands board is wayyyyy to big for you! Having a smaller, lighter board is prob what you need! You should also have your husband teach you off the water! I'll try and get a video put together in the next week and will post it on here. This way your husband can teach you the basics on land....then once you get in the water you will know exactly what to do! Also, it might be worth taking a lesson!
We need more lady riders!!!!


04-26-2011 4:14 PM

Haha. My wife enjoyed wakeboarding on my set up, but when she got her own board, that is when she really fell in love with wakeboarding

Brando86 04-27-2011 2:08 PM

I might as well report for her since she hasnt checked her post lately. Mashley is my wife, and got up a few times at the end of last season. I got her a board after the season was over, but she has had a few tries with it this year and is progressing well:D

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