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sundoo 05-22-2009 10:45 PM

Looking for suggestions. Not quite an intermediate rider. I want big (preferably predictable) pop, soft landings, and a little loose on the surface. A fun board!! Is there such an animal? B side, Mana, Transcend....? What do you guys suggest? Thanks a ton. Cheers. <BR> <BR>Dave

gunnertom4593 05-23-2009 6:41 AM

I ride the LF witness and it's everything you mention above. Sick pop but it feels controlled, loose but bites on edge, fast board but again never feels out of control. I would Recommend it to anyone. Check it out!

jasonpav 05-23-2009 7:57 AM

cwb pure or kink. both are great boards at a cheap price

ponder86 05-23-2009 8:02 AM

the 08 and 09 Murray

sundoo 05-24-2009 11:13 PM

Thanks guys...anyone else? <BR> <BR>Dave

innov8 05-25-2009 7:14 AM

Transcend or Absolute from CWB <BR>Murray or B-side from Hype <BR>Demo if you can

eternalshadow 05-25-2009 11:19 AM

I ride the Lyman and it feels like you describe above. Another solid LF board is the Watson. <BR> <BR>If you're considering an open toed binding try the LF vantages, adjustable, comfortable, supportive, and overal a great binding!

lfrider92 05-25-2009 1:00 PM

lyman with shanes

adambarry 05-25-2009 1:51 PM

Some say the lyman has unpredictable pop but I too love it. Its a fun fast and loose board. But I also heard the hyperlite b-side is pretty awesome.

cheesydog 05-25-2009 7:34 PM

Since no one else has suggested it yet, why not try a flex board? Company and Slingshot make awesome boards. I ride the Co Ltd, its a very fun board, loose and lively but gets a mean edge on if you want it.

steve_jones 05-31-2009 8:16 PM

I second much of what's above. <BR> <BR>The Murray is super forgiving, especially if you use the removable fins. (This is what I ride -finless-with some LF Shane &amp; Watson bindings.) <BR> <BR>The Lyman is fast and responsive. <BR> <BR>The Witness and Watson seemed to ride like the Murray but a touch more drag. Still darn great boards. <BR> <BR>The Slingshots are just darn fun! Takes a set to figure it out but super cool! The continuous (I know that's not cool) is the fastest. <BR> <BR>I have not rode Andrew's boards since last season but last season's was fun too. <BR> <BR>Sophie's choice nowadays with so much good stuff out there!!

guido 05-31-2009 8:39 PM

Can't really miss with any of the CWB's. Pure or Kink. Absolute, Transcend or Marius. Even the Faction is a great board. <BR> <BR>Just like everyone points out... It's all personal preference. Demo if you can.

andrewilso 06-01-2009 5:09 AM

If you notice every one votes the board they ride..haha just my 02, no one will ever slag off what they have spent hard earned cash on..unless it is really poor, so i will jump on board too obrien player 2007 first board i owned, really grippy quite fast but unpredictable on the pop. now got 2009 watson <BR>looks cool!!! pop is more predictable and landings soft, and not got as many molded fins so it is a bit looser so everything the player wasnt,

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