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phenom_1819 10-18-2010 11:54 AM

Winterization question
Assuming all water in the engine and hoses is removed during winterization, Is there a reason to leave hoses unattached until Spring? I've always done it this way because that's how the service shops do it... but would much rather re-attach all hoses and plugs after the boat is winterized and save the work come spring. So long as water is removed from all risk points, I can't see any harm in re-attaching all hoses and plugs... but wanted to ask before i did something stupid. Thanks in advance.

rallyart 10-18-2010 12:04 PM

You can button everything back up again if you are done moving the boat. I'd leave everything open if it was going to be transported anywhere, as you might slosh some more out. There is no problem closing the system up completely. If it's not completely closed you might get condensation that could build up and be a problem if there is not a drain opening.
It is worth loosening the belts while the boat is in storage and then retightening them in the spring.

chpthril 10-18-2010 12:56 PM

I NEVER leave a boat disassembled after winterizing. Maybe because I do not believe in the charge to "summerize" i.e put the plugs back in that the shop left out during winterizing. IMO, a boat should be as turn-the-key ready as it can come Spring.

hatepain 10-18-2010 1:11 PM

I always button everything back up as soon as I'm done draining it all. I'd rather not leave all the drams open to the air.

cocheese 10-18-2010 1:32 PM

I button everything up as well and throw a 60w shop light in the engine compartment for extra piece of mind.

phenom_1819 10-18-2010 2:11 PM

Good to know, thanks guys!

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