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raceman121 11-11-2013 12:07 PM

Hyperlite systems
What changed exactly on the new base plate and boots. Also how do the new process's feel? Any insight into them would be appreciated.

stephan 11-11-2013 12:34 PM

The new binding is essentially baseless. It has a piece under the toe that connects the two sides but the boots can now rest directly on top of the board. This also gets rid of the connection point under the arches. The System Pro comes with an EVA foam pad to make landings softer. Because of the baseless bindings, the boots no longer have the molding to form with the base, the boots are completely flat like a regular shoe.

I haven't ridden the new stuff but the folks that have said they managed to improve the comfort even more from last year. I thought last years were great so that is ver promising.

Bam6961 11-11-2013 2:55 PM

i tried the new webbs compared to 2013s and they have more cushion in the insole. also the bindings are way lighter.

BoardCo 11-12-2013 8:25 AM


The new Systems are a huge improvement over the old version. I had the opportunity to ride the new Process boots (as well as the other boots) and was extremely impressed with them. The boots are lightweight, comfortable and have a much more precise lasted fit. The Process boots are higher on your ankle than most of the others, but still have quite a bit of flex to them where you want it.

The bindings are now baseless as stated above, but they also have a urethane back piece that allows the binding to flex laterally but not flex when you put pressure back on it. This makes the bindings fit more securely and give more support on a hard edge than 2013 or earlier models, but flex more when moved side to side.

I'm a big fan of flexible boots and my favorite systems were the Webb and the Byerly, but when ridden with the laces / velcro loose, the Process was still plenty flexible. If you prefer a stiffer boot I would look into the Marek, but the Process is still a great pick.

Good luck!

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