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JustinH13 07-09-2020 3:53 PM

Most Similar Board to Byerly AR2/Brigade
I really like these boards. My understanding is that they're pretty much the same board? Anyway I can't seem to find anymore out there. If you know of any, please let me know

Regardless, does anyone know what board is out there that is most similar to the Brigade/AR2?


CRS_mi 07-10-2020 4:35 AM

I've never compared the specs but I can ride my Murray back to back with the AR2 and not have to think about it or adjust anything. They feel very similar to me.

JustinH13 07-10-2020 5:20 AM

CRS, what year is your Murray? I've also been told by a friend that the Hyperlite Source feels somewhat similar to an AR2.


CRS_mi 07-15-2020 7:35 AM

I don't remember the year but it's the current shape

hyperlite 07-16-2020 4:52 AM

Id give the relapse a try while its still around. but there are some AR2 out there on Ebay.

The relapse may have a more aggressive rocker line and be a little looser or skaty but the design and shape are basically the same. All designed by Butch as well.

The murray may feel similar in pop but water feel will be different. Depending on how picky you are and adaptable, id go with the relapse personally.

JustinH13 07-23-2020 8:40 AM

Hyperlite, thanks for your comments on the Relapse. I was recently told by a buddy that the closest boards are the Source and the Relapse, with the Source being a bit more like the Brigade/AR2 than the Relapse. Have you ridden the Source? Any thoughts on that?

JustinH13 02-13-2021 5:06 PM

Following up on my post from last July, in light of the most recent boards available, what do you guys think is most comparable to the Byerly AR2 or Brigade?

JustinH13 02-19-2021 2:40 PM

Any thoughts folks?

Any new boards comparable to the AR2 / Byerly Brigade or just stick with the Source, Relapse or Murray?

gene3x 03-02-2021 8:54 AM

The lack of response is why it is tough to keep coming back for information.... :(

I check these board posts because I a on a search for a new board after 10 years or so... lol

Andy_Mora 03-02-2021 9:11 AM

Sorry man I'd respond but I just never tried either of those boards before. As you know the number of people that actually wakeboard seems to be less, so it might be hard to get feedback on specific boards. I had some questions about boards a while back and emailed reputable shops to get an answer. I personally like really fast and loose boards (so I'd be looking for flat, continuous with not too much tracking), but from what I hear everyone seems to like the Murray - seems to be middle of the road, easy to use kind of board.

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