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Lemonade 06-22-2020 5:29 AM

Flame time: Considering 2008/09 Epic V23 or Supreme V232
Been hunting for a bit after seeling my Sanger. Would like a 23' boat around 50K CDN. Couple local boats I'm looking at online.

Epic V23 (found 2)165 hrs and 260hrs, both 8.1L and both look mint.

I've read some of the threads but find it hard to believe they're that bad. Both are nice looking boats but wanted to hear from anyone with experience on them. Would demo before purchase and there is probably room to add GSA in the negotiated price. How's the 8.1?

2009 Supreme V232 230 hrs Black Scorpion

nice gel goat, boring interior would add GSA to improve my life.

Any input is appreciated. I'm in Northern Alberta so dealer support is non existent unless you're into one of the big 4.

If anyone has surf pics of either of these boats I'd love to see them.

hal2814 06-22-2020 8:27 AM

Epic doesn’t make wake boats anymore and quality control issues were a big part of that. I don’t have personal experience but I’m also not willing to be the one who finds out. If after reading the threads about falling rudders and other QC issues you still want to gamble, it’s your money. But the Supreme V232 is a nice boat that puts out a good surf wave for its era and is also a pretty good wakeboard boat. I don’t have pics but it’s the boat I learned to surf behind.

bcrider 06-22-2020 9:10 AM

If that Epic is Red it was here in BC for quite some time for sale. As noted above I'd personally stay away from the Epic.

There's an 09 VE (same as mine on CL for $ 51k: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds...123795815.html

08 X35: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace...4774569171744/

Lemonade 06-23-2020 4:24 AM

Ya I'm leaning away from the Epic's unless they're giving them away. It's too bad about the QC, I've grown fond of the lines on those boats. I've read mixed reviews on the V232 surf and would love some real world pics. I'm considering going back to a V210 if I can get the price to where I think it should be as it was such a solid performer, easy to trailer and put out a pretty pushy solid wave. Brother in law just picked up an 08 Z1 and the wave looks great. I missed out a V226 a couple years back that would look like a steal right now. Might go look at a Surfboss for sh*ts and giggles as the platform seems like a great idea. I was talking to my nephew, I taught him to surf behind my Sanger, and he put it like this: The Sanger is like a sports car, low slung tight and sleek, the Z1 is like a SUV, solid & practical.

joesell 06-30-2020 1:39 PM

I have an 09' Epic V23. I only have 255 hours on it, but they have all been mostly trouble free. I had an issue last year with some backfiring. Turned out to be a couple fouled spark plugs. Before anyone starts bashing the low hours. I also have a pontoon, and 2 jetskis to help share the hours.

I'm aware of some peoples problems with the rudders. I haven't had any of those issues.

I finally got a new prop this year. The 8.1 has way to much torque for the 14.25x14 prop that comes on it. I talked to Eric at OJ. He recommended a 15x 16.5. I tried it, and it was awesome, but there was cavitation. Eric was very helpful, and had me send it back. They cut about 3/8" off and sent it back. I sent it out on a Monday, and had it back on Saturday morning. In the end, it brought the surfing RPMs down to 3400 @11.7 with 4600lbs ballest and 4 people in the boat. No. Noticeable difference in holeshot Definitely worth the money.

The swim platform is bolted on differently then most boats. I added a kind of receiver hitch to the Starboard side and made a slide in surf gate. This was before they started making suck gates or I would've just got one of those. The up side is that it mounts farther back then any suck gate could, and from what I've read, farther back is better.

All and all I've been very happy with my boat. I've kept to myself on here because of all the fan boy hate thats thrown around. The truth is, there's brand new boats that are coming out today that still don't have half of the features that came stock on an Epic in 08'/ 09'.

I personally think that the reason Epic went out of business is because the owner thought he was going to be the next Elon Musk. He was dumping unbelievable amounts of money into stupid pet projects that didn't appeal to anyone.

I'd be happy to answer any questions that anyone has. I have nothing to gain by lieing, or falsely pimping this boat. Its not for sale now, or anytime soon.

Bret 07-28-2020 9:28 PM

Your old v210 is for sale again:https://www.facebook.com/marketplace...28115/?__xts__

Lemonade 08-10-2020 2:29 AM

I seen't it. Motor's been replaced with a rebuilt. his ask is monstrously high imho.

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