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mikeab8 01-07-2020 4:21 AM

Best place to sell
Might sound like an odd question, but does anyone have any suggestions where to sell wake stuff? I saw that there isn't much of any activity in the classifieds here and wasn't sure where else to turn. Thanks in advance

fly135 01-07-2020 5:55 AM

Facebook marketplace, craigslist, & offerup.com

paulharenberg 01-07-2020 7:42 AM

Facebook will probably get the most interest, and the other ones listed are good, but ski it again may find you a buyer as well.

denverd1 02-11-2020 3:59 AM

what you sellin?

If you post in classifieds, link it to a post in regular wake as well.

jonblarc7 02-12-2020 8:06 AM

I would be semi instead in a Ronix timebomb or timebomb Atr 142

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