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adsman 07-24-2009 7:57 AM

i am installing a SYN2 powering 2 Pro60s and 2 MB8s (the double up) and I have a few questions: <BR> <BR>1. What size fuse/breaker to run between the amp and battery? <BR> <BR>2. For the fuse/breaker, is it just a matter of preference between using a fuse or a circuit breaker <BR> <BR>3. Having a hard time fishing the wires through the tower... what are my wiring gauge options (ie what is the recommended gauge and what is the min/max gauge that could be used) <BR> <BR>4. If i continue to have a hard time running 4 pairs of wires, would it be ok to run 2 pairs up the tower and run the speakers in parallel? if i did this what gauge min/max?

david_e_m 07-24-2009 8:26 AM

jk, <BR> <BR>The fusing at the battery is for protection of the boat. So equal or exceed the collective value of the amplifier fusing. <BR> <BR>The tower harness should consist of eight 14-gauge conductors or four 12-gauge conductors. <BR> <BR>Once we're over 60 amps we transition from fuses to circuit breakers but there's no steadfast rule. <BR> <BR>David <BR>Earmark Marine

adsman 07-24-2009 8:59 AM

thanks David! the amp has 3 25AMP fuses, so I will go with a 75 - 100 AMP circuit breaker

hatepain 07-24-2009 9:20 AM

Blue Seas 100 amp circuit breaker. <BR> <BR><a href="http://bluesea.com/category/3/10/productline/overview/150" target="_blank">This is the one I use</a>

joe_crawley 07-24-2009 9:59 AM

"So equal or exceed the collective value of the amplifier fusing. " <BR> <BR>Usually not true. You might burn the boat down that way if you are using huge amps- it certainly wouldn't be the first time. What size wire are you running? The wire size sets the upper limit on what size fuse to use at the battery. <BR> <BR>EDIT: This is a bigger deal if you are using multiple amps, but will be a concern in your case if you aren't running 4 gauge or thicker or you have a very long run of 4 gauge. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by joe_crawley on July 24, 2009)

adsman 07-24-2009 11:38 AM

just picked up a 100AMP circuit breaker looks just like the stinger that is already in my boat. 4AWG from the battery to the fuse to the AMP ... only one amp on that line

pprior 02-20-2012 12:57 PM

I'm installing a syn2 to a pair of Rev 8's

Boat is set up with 8 gauge wire running to previous amp. It's a pretty short run - maybe 2-3 feet max.

Am I ok with this wire or do I really need to get 4 gauge (which would involve a lot of extra work!)? What if I would add a second pair of 8's in the future (not planning at this point, but that would drop the resistance to 2 ohms and I assume demand a lot more power from the amp therefore)?

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