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aaronlee13 06-03-2004 2:01 PM

Yesterday made my 1st attempts for a 360. Overall went pretty well. I dont have video, but will after this weekend. I'm riding a landlock, and switched the fins to 1.1 from my girlfriends parks. My attempt i made it all the way around but lose my momentum... Hopefully i'll have it soon!

wakesurfer_x 07-23-2004 5:54 PM

im having trouble doing a 360 do you know how to do one i have a broadcast board and an x ten.

drewsmug 07-24-2004 10:09 AM

can you grind the middle of the wake. I don't know what anything is called in wakesurfing but i do like a butterslide lipslide on the wake coming right out of the boat but then i throw it harder so my body does a 360 and then i pump the board real hard and try not to fall behind the wave

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