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apalmmr 08-19-2013 4:51 PM

buy now or wait till winter
Im looking at buying a boat, and wasn't sure if I should wait till winter now. Do you save a lot more waiting?

wakebordr11 08-19-2013 4:59 PM


Originally Posted by apalmmr (Post 1839968)
Im looking at buying a boat, and wasn't sure if I should wait till winter now. Do you save a lot more waiting?

Not really. If you can't live without a boat, now would be the time to buy, end of summer. If you can wait and shop for that ultimate deal, you will have time on your side when it comes to negotiations and your flexible demand to find the best deal, do your research on regional prices, regional supply and selling prices etc... If I had the coin and wanted a boat, I would buy whenever that time was...

boardman74 08-19-2013 5:14 PM

Problem I have run into trying to buy in the winter is inventory really dry's up.

DenverRider 08-19-2013 5:57 PM

Do you live somewhere that you can test drive in the winter?

apalmmr 08-19-2013 7:49 PM

for sure thanks for the information, I can wait so I may as well wait now and get a good deal. But yeah I can see inventory being tried up. And yea I go whenever, season doens't matter for me.

wakebordr11 08-19-2013 8:15 PM

tip, we would be able to help you shop deals if you filled in your profile so we knew where to look for you

boardman74 08-19-2013 8:36 PM

To answer the question "will I save alot more waiting" Probably. You will save more by not buying until you find a smoking deal or the deal you want. But you won't save more really by the time of year. The internet has really taken the "winter prices" away. When we are done riding up north guys are willing to drive from texas and Florida to buy our boats. People look for boat all over the US now instead of just locally in the paper. I sold my boat Thursday to a lady who lived 22 hours away(each way) North of Calgary, Canada and I live in Minnesota.

In the north inventory disappears from November-March except the dealers. People know they are going to take a beating trying to sell in December/January so they just wait. Really tough to sell a boat with 2 feet of frozen water(snow) on the ground!!

WakeNauty_08 08-20-2013 7:39 AM

I think it can still be very beneficial to buy in the winter. Inventory is definitely slim, but you've got the guys that were trigger happy in the spring who are getting hit with the fact that the boat and storage payments continue through winter while their boat sits useless. Just be patient and do not settle.

jeff_mn 08-20-2013 8:01 AM

Inventory is always the best right now (end of summer) or right after the boat shows.. End of summer - people are thinking of selling it cheap before they have to pay winterization and storage, etc... around boat show time - you'll see people selling used to buy new.. other than that - during winter it's out of sight, out of mind and in summer its getting used..

I'd look now. Then you can test drive it, etc. Locally (Minneapolis) there is a HUGE amount of used inventory on the market... Typically it's hard to find 10 nice inboards for sale owner-to-owner and our craigslist has a ton of stuff out there. More than I have seen in recent times..

apalmmr 08-20-2013 10:10 AM

thank you for the information. iv been trying to see when the boat shows are but think it just passed here in cali.

boardman74 08-20-2013 10:41 AM

Boat shows are usually January-March in most areas. If your looking for a good deal you may want to search outside of California. From what alot of guys say on here and other sites there really isn't a "winter pricing season" in Cali. If you are willing to travel to pick up a boat, like JD said here in Minnesota there are a ton of boats right now. The northern US is like that now and will be until around mid-late October.

Timebomb142 08-20-2013 12:50 PM

Save on taxes and other fee I have a 2012 Axis A22 for sell


motogod77 08-20-2013 2:06 PM

If you are looking for a new ride, now is the time to buy as many dealers like me are pushing to move their remaining inventory to make room for the 2014 models.

rodltg2 08-20-2013 2:52 PM

if you find the right boat, don't wait just because your hoping for a better deal in the winter. that better deal may never come and you will be boatless come spring time.

chattwake 08-20-2013 3:07 PM

Buy my LSV...

apalmmr 08-20-2013 7:36 PM

thanks for all the information, its helping a lot.
Im really looking for a sanger v215, iv riden behind it a couple times and like the wake and ride of the boat, any info on v215's?

scottb7 08-20-2013 9:29 PM

I think time of year is helpful, but not necessary. I bought my boat in august last year and got a smokin deal. The dealer just wanted the nautique off his malibu lot.

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