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bond 01-25-2010 3:49 PM

Going to be building an outdoor kitchen this spring, Now I know I have threads on built in BBQ's. Looking at the Bull bbq's,if you have one,are you satisfied? Pictures would be great. <BR> <BR>Thanks

pdub 01-25-2010 4:45 PM

check out kalamazoo grilles - awesome.

downfortheride 01-25-2010 5:32 PM

I think it was Gramps that just did a sick ass set up. Try to find a post and hit him up...

bond 01-25-2010 7:56 PM

I saw Gramps sweet set-up Just looking for info on grills right now

ord27 01-26-2010 11:20 PM

I am planning an outdoor kitchen too. That Kalamazoo pizza oven looks cool. Since I make pizza for a living, it would be fitting to have an oven out by the pool! <BR><a href="http://www.kalamazoogourmet.com/accessories_pizza_cover.php" target="_blank">http://www.kalamazoogourmet.com/accessories_pizza_cover.php</a> <BR> <BR>from you guys that already have an outdoor kitchen, I am wondering which appliances are essential. Which appliances could you do without? <BR> <BR>I have a tendency to go overboard...... <BR> <BR>I'm thinking Hi-C fruit punch on tap would go over pretty well <BR> <BR>sorry for the hijack Racer 5...

mfifer 01-27-2010 9:20 AM

Screw that pizza oven just get a big green egg. You can have some of the most amazing meats ever cooked, bake breads, and make pizza that tastes better than any pizza you will ever have. The big green egg is the ultimate outdoor gadget in my opinion. <BR><a href="http://biggreenegg.com/" target="_blank">http://biggreenegg.com/</a>

rio_sanger 01-27-2010 10:10 AM

The big green egg is awesome, a buddy has one and it truly is amazing! <BR> <BR> If you are looking for something more traditional though, check out the Lynx line: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.lynxgrills.com/" target="_blank">http://www.lynxgrills.com/</a> <BR> <BR> Personally, I'm still a Weber charcoal purist, but I build a lot of outdoor kitchens, using Viking, DCS, and others. We get the best reviews from the ones who use Lynx. <BR>I'm impressed with the build quality, and if I ever do my own, I would probably go with Lynx.

ord27 01-27-2010 12:47 PM

thanks Chris, Matt, I've never heard of the egg. It looks pretty neat. <BR> <BR>Chris <BR>do you a list of types of appliances that you would recommend?

innov8 01-27-2010 1:03 PM

Weber Charcoal is the only way to go IMO.

mammoth 01-27-2010 2:14 PM

I'm 5 or 6 years in on my Bull grill, burner, fridges etc. Very happy with all of it.

zo1 01-27-2010 3:52 PM

The egg makes good grub, a friend of mine swears by it. I can make ribs et al just as good on my regular grill. <BR> <BR><b>check out kalamazoo grilles - awesome.</b> <BR> <BR>for 10 g's the damn well better be

actiondcpd 01-27-2010 7:12 PM

BGE. Don't mess around.

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