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beef 03-09-2007 4:54 PM

Has anyone used this? I think it sounds like a great deal? <BR> <BR>Two 280lb bags for $110 <BR>One 580lb bag for $85 <BR>One 1100 gph pump for $65 <BR> <BR>That's 1140lbs for $280 total. <BR> <BR>Just wondering if anyone has these, and what the quality is like. IMO, Costco is king, but just wondering. <BR> <BR>Thanks

tonysdad 03-09-2007 7:11 PM

The prices on those look pretty good...you could get 2 580's for the V-Drive lockers for 170 bucks. The one problem I see is the # of fill/drain valves available. It looks like there are only 2 valves per bag. You would have to use a reversible pump to fill &amp; drain from the same valve and then use the other one for the overflow line. You wouldn't be able to use the pump that they sell in any kind of automated ballast system. Of course, if you were filling them manually 2 would be fine...

magellan 03-10-2007 12:32 AM

Skylon sells to COSTCO. That's awesome. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>I'm just kidding..

gti2lo 03-10-2007 10:46 AM

anyone got the link?

millerda31 03-10-2007 1:24 PM

<a href="http://tinyurl.com/27zuxv" target="_blank">http://tinyurl.com/27zuxv</a>

gti2lo 03-10-2007 3:40 PM

thanks..cheap prices... anyone willing to share experience with these?

mammoth 03-12-2007 10:44 AM

I have the twin 280's and the pump. I don't have much experience with elaborate ballast systems to compare to, but they've been a great compliment to the simplicity of the PureVert system in my Calabria. <BR> <BR>I would be happy to answer any questions but it's pretty self explanatory. They hold water. Cheap price, decent quality, simple operation, Costco guarantee.

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