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TNJED 04-28-2019 3:20 PM

Surf boat questions
I am sure I wonít be the first to ask this ,but here we go. I am in the market for a new to me surf boat. My main concern is that it throws a great wake to surf, donít really care about the wakeboard wake (quit that years ago). I need something at least 23 ft and want to stay around 60k. My main question is would I be better off with an older(2010-2013)Malibu /Centurion/master craft or a newer (13/14/15)Moomba/Supreme/Axis? I am wondering if the hull design changed enough in those years to improve the surf wave. I donít really care about bells and whistles or how fancy it is......I just want to surf with out ballast bags all over the deck, below seat is fine. Thanks in advance for any help or input.

SoulSurfer 04-28-2019 4:47 PM

Newer boats will have factory-installed surf systems where I don't think the older boats will. Just something to consider. Depending upon what part of the country you're in, might add MB to the list with the Moomba/Supreme/Axis for consideration.

TNJED 04-29-2019 3:54 AM

I did notice the newer boats have "wake plates" and I have seen that you can add them aftermarket which I would definitely consider if I found a deal on the right boat. My main question is whether or not the hulls have changed to produce a better surf wave since the sport is relatively newer. I am in the Knoxville area of TN . Don't see alot of MB's around here, are they a subsidiary of another company? I have seen that many people recommend them for surf boats. Thanks for the reply!

markj 04-29-2019 7:09 AM

I think if you play your cards right and shop between late October-December, you could find a 2012-2013 Nautique 230 with NSS and that is a great surf boat that some people prefer over the G.

TNJED 05-03-2019 4:16 AM

So would a 2008/2012ish Centurion/Nautique/MB have a better surf hull than a 2016ish Moomba Mojo?

99Bison 05-03-2019 9:59 AM

Itís going to boil down to the exact models, as stated above 12-13 is generally when specific surf improvements started coming.

granddaddy53 05-04-2019 2:43 AM

For 60 you might find a 13 G23, now thatís a surf boat that only has to have stock ballast to have a great surf time with or without a crew, itís going to be a little ratty at that price but I bet you could find one

Shakarocks 05-05-2019 6:05 AM


Originally Posted by TNJED (Post 1988501)
So would a 2008/2012ish Centurion/Nautique/MB have a better surf hull than a 2016ish Moomba Mojo?

Typically yes.

If I were you I'd bee looking for a Centurion SV233 or SV244. You can get either of those boats with Ramfill and CATS in that range. Those SV hulls are among the best surf boat hulls ever developed and still hold up today.

infinitysurf 05-15-2019 1:50 AM

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First year of Ramfill on Centurion is 2014. I have a 2014 Centurion SV244 with the ZR409 engine and have Ramfill and CATS. Love this boat and highly recommend, the SV233 is similar and the FS/FX 33 & 44 boats are also awesome. SV boats have the traditional bow design and the FS/FX boats have the picklefork design.

I added the InfinityWave wake surf tab system to my boat this Spring and it works perfectly for a deep V boat like this. Cost is $2k compared to $4k for GSA and other factory systems....FYI, the factory surf tabs called "QuickSurf" for the 2015/2016 models do not work great for these boats, IMO its primarily cause they do not have fins under the tabs to direct water toward the wave so you lose push on the wave (Previously used a Nauticurl suck gate which also works very well for most boats). Centurion boats also put out an excellent wave when listed.

PCM engine is quiet and very reliable and the deep V hull is excellent for rough water ride, so smooth and easily cuts thru chop. Lots of good options out there in your budget, its just the time of year that you will pay a premium for any wakeboat. Good luck on your search

Shakarocks 05-21-2019 3:28 PM

Great review of the Infinity Wave.

wombat2wombat 05-23-2019 1:28 AM

An MB with infinity wave or GSA will throw an amazing wave

Wet2Ward 06-01-2019 5:24 AM

Are the Hydro Dynamics of Infinity to direct water away from the Surf wave to delay convergence or to direct "toward" as stated?

poon 06-01-2019 6:06 AM

Axis has a great line and prices with a fantastic wake. I surfed behind an Axis at the Carlsbad Lagoon last summer, and the wake had size, power, and length. The lagoon is saltwater and shallow, so I could only imagine how much better it is in a deep lake.

Shakarocks 06-06-2019 6:59 AM


Originally Posted by Wet2Ward (Post 1989243)
Are the Hydro Dynamics of Infinity to direct water away from the Surf wave to delay convergence or to direct "toward" as stated?


Infinity Wave has fins on the bottom that control that keep the water flowing directly out the back of the tab instead of sloughing off to the side. We experimented with various tab designs without fins but weren't satisfied with how the water flowed off the tabs. When the tab was deployed, the water wasn't controlled in any way and was directed off all the outside edges of the tab. This didn't affect their performance as trim tabs but did affect the push of the surf wave. The shape of the tabs were altered and the fins were placed on bottom to keep the water flowing directly out of the back of the tab. This restored the push.

Our goal was to rethink the trim tab. Other wake devices direct water flow in various ways which renders them unusable for trimming the boat or tuning a wakeboard wake. Our tab not only trim and tune the wakeboard wake but also make a killer surf wave.

Incidentally we are fans of most of the other wake shaping devices. I just got back from Powell and my buddy has a brand new Tige with GSA fitted instead of the factory Tige tabs. Once he dialed the system he had a great wave.

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