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aaronlee13 05-03-2004 10:34 AM

OK! I took my boat out for the first time after I got a hundred hour service and got my stereo issues fixed... Not I notice this weekend that my Fuel, voltage, temp and oil gauage flicker like crazy. Like my volt meter will go all the way down, fuel all the way up along with the temp guage... then they flicker up and down... Any ideas what could be the cause?

peter_c 05-03-2004 10:49 AM

Bad ground? Check your input voltages too. Are those guages fully electronic or just simple guages? Try removing components one at a time and see if it goes away.

aaronlee13 05-03-2004 10:57 AM

i dont know if they are fully electronic or simple guages... I got a 01 centurion air warrior... i what ever they do... So sounds like it could be due to the stereo?

joesell 05-03-2004 11:22 AM

You have a bad ground. Follow the black wire from one of the guages. It should be plugged into the same spot all of the black wires from the other guages go. I would be willing to bet you that they are loose. Tighten them up and your all set. Joe

aaronlee13 05-03-2004 11:44 AM

that would be sweet if that was the case... I will check that

aaronlee13 05-04-2004 9:08 AM

Is it possible or likely that the guages flicker and the cause would be from the stereo?

salty87 05-04-2004 11:13 AM

you might see some flickering of the lights at night when the bass hits but not the gauges actually moving all over the place. <BR> <BR>they easily could have messed up some dash wiring while jacking with the stereo wiring. too much coincidence for your dash to start acting up right after stereo work and for them to not be related. <BR> <BR>joe's probably right, gotta find that lose ground wire that's not making contact all the time. do you know what the shop did to the stereo?

uga33 05-04-2004 12:16 PM

ALee, call John Beaudry at Centurion, Merced. This guy knows everything. Maybe he can help you out. Don't forget if it is your guages I think they come with a lifetime warranty. Good Luck!

aaronlee13 05-04-2004 12:47 PM

sweet, i called the stereo guy and he thinks it was a ground and he will check it out asap...

aaronlee13 05-07-2004 12:13 PM

Wanted to say thanks for your guys help.. It was the ground... I guess the nut to hold the wires in place rattled off....good as new...

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