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scbrips 11-19-2007 10:32 PM

Vid of my buddy: <a href="http://web.mac.com/jacobsag/Yacob/FatchewNEW.html" target="_blank">http://web.mac.com/jacobsag/Yacob/FatchewNEW.html</a> <BR> <BR>Check it.

robertr720 11-20-2007 8:56 AM

Awesome dude, It is about time that he gets some video out there. When we were out riding on Sunday he put down a switch tantrum to fakie and a switch toe off 5. Nice video Jacob. Thanks for posting it, glad to see you help him out. Going out riding tomorrow morning if you are interested.

helix_rider 11-20-2007 3:21 PM

That riding was simply great. The song just blew. To repeatedly be profane throughout the chorus simply shows a lack of eloquence or writing ability...can't think of a word, let's drop the F-bomb a few times...yeah, great. It's my opinion that clips like that get kids excited because of the great riding, and turn parents off because of the vulgar lyrics. I'd love to see the guy ride in person though, he was charging the wake in the beginning like few others I've personally seen.

pilot_ryder 11-20-2007 3:58 PM

awesome vid, could have made shorter due to it being a little repetitive towards the end. <BR>awesome riding locations!

dnp33 11-20-2007 4:10 PM

LOVED THE SONG!!! <BR>no just joking it was a great video he charges! <BR>the song was good it went well with the riding.

K.B.C. 11-20-2007 4:16 PM

I think Rage could care less. They're not exactly known for being PC

wakeboardlf25 11-20-2007 8:30 PM

kinda looks like the singer from rage

jrogers26 11-21-2007 5:21 PM

haha! it does look like that dude. rage is tight. they're politically active. not correct. <BR> <BR>riding was sick though.

gotwake123 11-21-2007 6:48 PM

I competed with fatchew at INT Nationals in Outlaw he rode really good im suprised he didnt get higher up on the score sheet because I placed 4th and I was amazed I i beat half of them haha not even guna lie. Here is my video of some practice and at Nationals. <BR> <BR><a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=eP6K7XXPLSM&amp;feature=user" target="_blank">http://youtube.com/watch?v=eP6K7XXPLSM&amp;feature=user</a>

scbrips 11-21-2007 8:18 PM

Awesome; thanks for all the good feedback. <BR> <BR>As for the music: What can I say; I ran out of Amy Grant.

wakeboardlf25 11-22-2007 9:45 AM

too bad...amy grant woulda been sick! haha

robertr720 11-23-2007 9:05 AM

that is some great ridding Stephen. I remember seeing your run at the USC. love the back to back heel 5's. Fatchew did pretty well at nationals considering at the start of the season he rode in advanced and then moved to expert and then got bumped to outlaw. He learned most of his "outlaw tricks" like 2 weeks before nationals. Like the whirly, tootsie, heel 5, and nuclear frontflips. He couldn't have been more stoked on just being there. That kid has an always positive attitude and supports all of his friends and fellow competitors no matter how rude they are to him. Someone even loosened his bindings from his board right before his final run at TSR for the INT finals and he got lucky and noticed and took care of it. Right after that he went out and killed it then proudly stood on the podium and gave congrats to both of the other riders knowing that it was one of them that tried to do ruin his run. Hopefully someday he can make it somewhere in the sport cause he totally deserves it.

11-23-2007 7:03 PM

Stephen the back to back 5s were super nice, but you got to get freinds that can tape better the cam is all over the place. To many redbull vodkas im guessing.

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