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thesack 03-27-2010 2:49 PM

Fold down swim platform brackets for Supra
After almost losing my swim platfrom yesterday when one of the pins holding the platform in place broke I thought it might be a good idea to look into the fold down brackets. I have to take the platform off when I store the boat in my shop, so the fold down brackets would just make things a little easier. I know OJ props makes one, does anyone have any experience with it or with any other manufactorers of them?

tyler97217 03-27-2010 4:35 PM

I am not sure you will gain much clearance because of the wakeplate. Unless you try to let it pull out and then fold down. If you make it fold up, you might make some headway....

thesack 03-27-2010 4:46 PM

I knew that there would be a clearance issue with folding down because of the wakeplate just don't know how much of a difference there would be. Didn't think about making a bracket to let the platform fold up. Will have to look into that.

craig_f 03-27-2010 7:25 PM

Fold down sounds a little scary, I can just see it collapsing, folding up however...... Diggs, you may be on to something!

thesack 03-27-2010 7:43 PM

Talked to my brother in law and he is going to design and build some brackets to make the platform fold up.

Matt 03-27-2010 7:51 PM

Get something built, I'd like to look into a set myself... I hate un pining it & taking it off everytime i back it into the shop...

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