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rah_digga 08-25-2007 3:11 AM

and I can't seem to break out of it. The past month of wakeboarding has been more of an effort that it ever has been. I don't seem to be having fun out there. Has anyone else experienced this funk? <BR> <BR>I think that it is directly related to the fact that I am starting to work on a new trick (HS backroll). I'm not sure if I psych myself out or if I'm just a big pu$$y, but I've got to get back to having fun and fast. The season is almost over here. Any advice? Plus, I'd love to land my first backroll this year. <BR> <BR>Digga

kylek306 08-25-2007 5:44 AM

hey i went through that at the time of trying my first invert too. Just don't let yourself not throw them, you'll start to get a mental block then. Just go ahead and try not to think about it so much until you throw it a couple of times and get rid of the fear, good luck man and Hope you land it soon!

helix_rider 08-25-2007 5:49 AM

Sucka, I've been in your shoes too. My way out of 'the funk' was to start switching things up. I'd take a session riding the roam and messing around with surface tricks and simple stuff. Then I'd say, 'this time I'm focusing on riding switch'. That has helped me so much...not really exciting like trying a backroll, but now I can do almost all of my tricks switch. Granted, I'm not doing inverts, so no biggie, but a year ago if you asked me to to a switch TS 180 I would have been like...I can't even charge the wake switch. It feels good cause now I think I'm a better overall rider, and probably ready to get back into trying inverts.

dlwsrider 08-25-2007 11:03 AM

I split my water time between wakeboarding and wakskating, so whenever i get a funk in one, i go into the other. <BR> <BR>like a few days ago, i was trying kickflips and i kept landing on the board and bouncing off, so i took out the wakeboard, and just had a fun little set like poked out backside spins and stuff. <BR> <BR>just mix it up and keep it fun

liquidmx 08-25-2007 12:51 PM

Sucka, go back to basics. Start working on the 6 easiest 180's leaving the hardest 2 for last (TS BS 180's). I have found that taking one step back often leads to 3 steps forward very quickly. <BR> <BR>If that doesnt work take a doubles set of HORSE. Depending on your skill level you can either call out tricks, grabs, or even slashes. Match your bro and make it a nice fun set. Talk some crap to each other out there and generally enjoy the water time. If your buddy isnt at the same level, give a handicap, whatever he does HS you do TS (since that is generally harder for most people) or switch.

bbking 08-25-2007 2:53 PM

matt, i love your horse idea

wakeboardnchica 08-25-2007 6:45 PM

Im in a funk too <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0>

kopp210 08-25-2007 8:38 PM

I second the back to basics idea. And also offer up to change boards. Grab an old board out of the garage, borrow a friends, or buy a new one. Being on an unfamiliar board forces me to focus on basics and drop some bad habits. <BR> <BR>I have been in a funk for about a month. Last 2 times I have been out I started riding a Marius. Landed 2 new tricks in 2 days, BS 180 and Switch HS 360. And almost landed a switch HS BS 180.

hawkeye7708 08-25-2007 8:42 PM

Hey, alotta poeple get all funked out when they start doing a new trick like that. Dont get so worried about it. Try a few different tricks here and there, work on going big, tweaking stuff out stuff like that. Do what you have a good time doing what you like to do out there, and mix a few rolls in there. Don't get all stressed out on having to do a roll RIGHT AT THAT TIME. Thats how i keep my sanity in our boat which is completey obsessed with flips these days. I go, toss a few tricks that i like doing, get amped up and toss a big ol' roll. Keeps me in a good mood.

rah_digga 08-26-2007 1:44 AM

Good news, I went out today and had a good run. I felt comfortable and had a lot of fun. So hopefully I'm out of the funk. If not I've got a plethora of ideas that will help me through it compliments of you all. Thanks all for the advice. <BR> <BR>Digga

geogilbert 08-26-2007 3:27 PM

Ya I am in that same funk, I think mine is more because I have not seen any decent water in about 2 months. I cant wait till it gets cold again and runs all the fair weather boaters off the water.

wannabewakeboarder 08-26-2007 3:54 PM

I suggest bringing more people out with you that you enjoi and throw down some tricks you know and show off a little.

hixsonaz 08-26-2007 5:04 PM

In the same funk<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0>, good ideas all.

suprarider 08-27-2007 8:47 AM

I broke through my funk by shortening my rope and working on technique. After a year off last season (acl surgery) I finally got my HS360 back yesterday. I landed 4 in a row <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

iaforcerider 08-29-2007 1:49 PM

Im in my own head after tearing my ACL this is my first real year back and I get so mad when I cant do what I use to. I did what Jim said I shortened the rope did alot of 180's both ways then finally I started getting the feel back.

absoluteboarder 08-29-2007 1:56 PM

....sometimes doing something else other than wakeboarding....can just get you out of a rut and have some fun on the water without the constant pressure of trying for that new big trick. Other than that just ride and try some new easy tricks which are often over looked...that way you can ride without getting pounded from constant wakejumps and just have some fun. One of the guys on my boat just dedicated a few runs to jump wake to wake goofy (which many cant)...and had a great time!

hixsonaz 09-05-2007 7:44 PM

ive been working on my hs backroll with limited success. I got stuck just trying that and little else. <BR>Good news today, two new grabs and w2w ts 180 and w2w t180 switch, both 180s done on 1st attemps and they were back to back tricks. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> I was very pumped. I will try not to concentrate on the backroll for a little while than go back to it.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

liquidmx 09-06-2007 7:57 AM

Robert, do you have a method grab? That is a good one to work on thats pretty fun. I also like working on a really poked hs fs 180 melan grabbed, similar to Tino's in the truth (I think). I also like working on TS indy grabs but trying to twist with your back to the boat for shifty. Like the start of a TS BS 180. <BR> <BR>If your pretty solid at switch, you could work on hs Cab indy glides, those are pretty fun too. <BR> <BR>Just some ideas to mix things up.

lovin_the_wake 09-06-2007 8:08 AM

Like Caleb said switch it up pick up a wakeskate so if you're sucking on one just ride the other and just switch back it works for me

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