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xclay89x 06-23-2012 9:14 PM

Binding Reviews
I am thinking about buying some new bindings to use at the cable. Does anyone have any opinions about the Slingshot Shredtowns or the CWB Prizms? These are the two that I am looking at. I like the idea of a removable insert to avoid walking on crazy rocks or hot sidewalks. Haha I have pretty tough feet I just ride at WSR and their rocks are GNARLY! Any honest information on either one of these would be great. Also I am not interested in the Hyperlite Systems. I am going to give H.O. a couple of years to improve on those before I buy a pair. Rode my buddies and my feet hurt for days after riding them.

alexair 06-23-2012 9:39 PM

Read this thread http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=794000

TheHebrewHammer 06-24-2012 8:26 AM

Stay away from the Shredtowns. The heel pocket of the inner liner doesn't seem to sit right within the outer liner. This makes for a very sketchy feeling.

501s 06-24-2012 9:35 AM

You will hear it over and over agin but ........ Ronix Ones Are some of the best made but probably dont fit your requirement for cable.

xclay89x 06-24-2012 10:06 AM

I have the Ronix Franks and love them. Nothing compares to the fix of Ronix. I am just looking for a good cable binding that will help my feet from getting destroyed.

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