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mro 07-27-2011 10:02 PM

rough water and deep V's
I've just got into wakesurfing this year and I am pumped enough to think of trading my boat for a more dedicated surf boat. Currently I own a super sport. I live right on a giant lake (Ontario), but usually trailer my boat an hour or so to flatwater for wakeboarding. Its kind of like wasting a lake. I like how when the smaller lakes I ride get chopped up, its still fine for surfing. If you had a giant 23+ foot deep V like an enzo, how much more choppy can conditions get untill it starts to not be fun anymore?

timmyb 07-28-2011 8:05 AM

The conditions can be pretty bad if you have enough ballast since the boat breaks up a lot of the chop while you are surfing.

cjh1669 07-28-2011 9:21 AM

I tend to take a lot of water over the bow when surfing in rough water. I also run 1200lbs in my bow

taft 07-28-2011 2:57 PM

There is definitely an improvement in choppy water with a deep V boat, but even with a 24footer chop will really affect your surf game.

nailem 08-07-2011 6:40 AM

i live on lake erie where it is not uncommon for it to go from flat to 4 footers in less than an hour. my brother-in-law has a 23' moomba and it takes a pounding on lake erie, i switched from I/O to a 05' sv230 enzo and the boat handles this lake so much better. now surfing in 4 footers is out but it has gotten pretty ruff and we still make it work. 1100lb in back locker and 650 under seat plus two 40lb litter girls!

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