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andy_nintzel 10-17-2011 3:41 PM

Brandon Poser - Riders Link

Yeah Brandon! Way to rep it man! Looks like your still killing it in those photos! I miss riding with you. Some day we will make it work again! I got to see a very different picture from the PB photo shoot! Hahahahahaha! EPIC!

Walt 10-17-2011 6:49 PM

Very cool !

nuckledragger 10-17-2011 8:29 PM

Awesome bro!

jmuthafnp 10-18-2011 6:30 AM

Congrats. Super pumped for the much deserved coverage of my west side homie.

ttrigo 10-18-2011 8:37 AM

Long overdue brother!

stephan 10-18-2011 11:53 AM

Well done Poser! Congrats man!

Now we need to talk about that Playboy shoot and why I wasn't invited!?!?!

bbr 10-18-2011 1:57 PM

Thanks boys! Getting better as I get older.

I do have a vid or two for those of you that want to see some goods!

andy_nintzel 10-18-2011 3:12 PM

GETTEM UP I would love to see some fresh video!

ttrigo 10-18-2011 4:21 PM

you know my email bro. shoot em on over!

bbr 10-19-2011 7:25 AM

Nintzel- Let's just say that they aren't Wakeworld friendly!

jeff_mn 10-19-2011 7:39 AM

We're all grown folks - post some vids with a warning.

buffalow 10-19-2011 7:45 AM

Yhea BP - Real nice!

stoked_32 10-19-2011 8:06 AM

Nice work Poser!

andy_nintzel 10-19-2011 9:01 AM

BP Email me, now I gotta see this!


nuckledragger 10-19-2011 9:44 AM

Videos are worth the watch.

andy_nintzel 10-21-2011 8:54 AM

OMG! Brandon that must have been one of the best days wakeboarding ever! Thanks for sharing the VIDS!

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