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SKITZ411 03-22-2012 3:16 PM

Has anyone seen the ferrari boat @ texas mastercraft
I swung by texas mastercraft to see Craig and he took me around back to show me new boat he had ordered custom it is tight wait til you'll see it. I told him to throw some photos up to show everyone.

wakereviews 03-22-2012 3:30 PM

If it's the MB, then I've seen it and it's pretty wild!

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 3:35 PM

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Here you go Mike. Thanks for the compliment on the boat.
See what you guys think....

SKITZ411 03-22-2012 3:37 PM

Now that will turn heads on the lake.

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 3:41 PM

Hey Ian, it looks like Mike B is not good at keeping secrets! lol

wakereviews 03-22-2012 3:43 PM

haha... i saw it in one of the background pics that they had on their website of another boat... the red sunpad immediately caught my attention and I begged Dustin for pics, he caved. I did keep it secret though :)

wakereviews 03-22-2012 3:43 PM

DIG the black powdercoat on all the stuff, that is sick. Now of course I want that! haha

UNvisible 03-22-2012 3:45 PM

swap the red interior for peanut butter and i'd love it :D

SKITZ411 03-22-2012 3:47 PM

I have a feeling we will be seeing more than one of those exact color schemed boats at the lakes this year.

wakecumberland 03-22-2012 3:48 PM

Good gracious that is bad! Hurry, tint the windows now!

bruizza 03-22-2012 3:48 PM

So sick!

chattwake 03-22-2012 4:01 PM


polarbill 03-22-2012 4:03 PM

Not sure I would own it but damn Craig, you design the sickest looking boats of any dealer I have seen. Most wouldn't take the risks you do.

chattwake 03-22-2012 4:05 PM

When are they going to make a z5 for mb? One of those with a red powdercoated frame would make that boat ever sicker!

chattwake 03-22-2012 4:06 PM

I'm going to say this is the sickest mb I've ever seen. Sorry for all the comments.

polarbill 03-22-2012 4:07 PM

It also needs 4 or 6 REV10's with red grills with maybe a thin yellow accent.

lakesurfer 03-22-2012 4:31 PM

Craig: What wheels are on the trailer? They look like Fuel.

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 5:22 PM

Thank you guys.. I was going to definitely tint the windows but had second thoughts because of the liability aspect..

Mike Brendel is really responsible for this bad boy. He let me get creative and went out of his way to make this boat happen. It sold to the first person that saw it in person!

The wheels are Mayhems.. Mark at Boatmate hooked me up with this blacked out trailer too..

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 5:26 PM

I'm going to submit my next project tomorrow. Get ready Mike!
Hopefully this time the first words out of your mouth aren't "Ohhh, I probably should ask for a 20% non refundable deposit on this one!"

hatepain 03-22-2012 5:36 PM

That makes my pants tight. F'ing love it!! Might find myself in the market for an MB.

wakereviews 03-22-2012 5:52 PM

Craig, I might have to ask you to design mine!

shawndoggy 03-22-2012 6:02 PM

seriously craig, you've done a great job on a bunch of these boats, using color combos that I'd never have the ballz to order. Especially given the design fails that are out there (with MB in particular, I've gotta say... flames anyone?), it's certainly not as easy as just picking randomly.

Great job man, keep it up!

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 6:20 PM

I appreciate all of the nice words fellas.. I'm fortunate to have an owner who let's me do my thing and I have 2 great brands to play with.

Maybe I should do a contest. How about....
Send me ideas for my next project and the winning idea wins a free wakeboard or glasses or something like that. What do y'all think?
Maybe the winner and co-build something cool and post pics of the process along the way?

aarond0083 03-22-2012 6:22 PM

Bold for sure. The only boat where red interior works IMO is an old mahogany Chris Craft.

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 6:52 PM

It's not for everyone.. I knew it wouldnt be but to no risk equals no reward!

polarbill 03-22-2012 7:20 PM

How about a red ferrari boat. All red gelcoat, peanut butter interior and flexiteak on the platform and ccockpit floor(like Grants Boat).

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 7:32 PM

I'm going to talk to Mike about some upholstery samples..
Vinyl is key as well in my opinion..
Has to be right shades and textures..

How about a removable bow cover/hardtop?
Something like a Corvette targa top..
Just brainstorming...

wakereviews 03-22-2012 7:32 PM

All white boat, white tower, blue tower speakers and trailer, blue interior

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 7:47 PM

I have the same diamond vinyl in a bright blue. That would be sick too..

Maybe some Shelby stripes on the Bimini top and mooring cover?

polarbill 03-22-2012 7:51 PM

This is the boat that made me think of the red and tan/brown interior


boomshot 03-22-2012 7:56 PM

Sorry to be a sedan driving luddite, but what makes it "Ferrari" so to speak? The colors? Some kind of special upholstery?

Wheels look custom, and I know the fender wells are customized but are they Ferrari parts?

Midnightv10 03-22-2012 8:13 PM

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Attachment 20748

Originally Posted by boomshot (Post 1739191)
sorry to be a sedan driving luddite, but what makes it "ferrari" so to speak? The colors? Some kind of special upholstery?

Wheels look custom, and i know the fender wells are customized but are they ferrari parts?

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 8:13 PM

I looked through Ferrari interior pics and many of them used red leather with black trim and yellow piping..

Mike and I just nicknamed it the Ferrari boat.

I told the new owner he should have a little yellow horse sticker made and put it on the windshield.. Ha

Midnightv10 03-22-2012 8:16 PM

That boat looks AWESOME!!!
Definitely one of the best MB's I have ever seen.

MB should use that color scheme on the 24 tomcat brochure cover...

polarbill 03-22-2012 8:23 PM

Since you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area how about a Cowboys boat that is silver and blue somehow or you could get into college themes and do a red river rivalry setup with 2 boats. A burnt orange/white boat and a maroon/white boat?

How about something with interior stitching like the Ford King Ranch

hatepain 03-22-2012 8:25 PM

Silver with red guts is sick too.

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 8:31 PM

I'd better get a real prize ok'd by the big boss tomorrow cuz this looks like it may get interesting!

OK, here is my proposal..
Winning idea gets to fly to MB plant with me to see the boat while it's being built and meet the guys at MB.

Anybody think that would be cool?
Pick the design, watch em build it, then maybe get a little nameplate on the boat?

polarbill 03-22-2012 8:36 PM

That would be pretty sick. I am going to be driving through Sacramento mid next month and might have to see if I can finagle my way into a plant tour anyways.

craigtxmc 03-22-2012 8:39 PM


Hey Brett, great minds think alike!

If someone can grab the photo of this boat you'll see the Dallas area colors. Have to be careful though cuz Jerry has lots of attorneys! Lol

polarbill 03-22-2012 8:41 PM

Yeah, you probably can't get away with putting a big blue star, I am guessing.

ripr 03-23-2012 6:10 AM

Tightest MB I've ever seen. Looks great!

FunkyBunch 03-23-2012 7:55 AM

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Little limited from the boat builder but here is an OSU boat. Powder coat the rubrail, windshield trim, and tower black. Think you can powder coat the MB orange. In the interior replace the tan with the orange they have not an option in the boat builder. Powder coat everything in the interior black.

FunkyBunch 03-23-2012 7:57 AM

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One more that is a little out there in Kawasaki colors. Do something similar and powder coat the tower, rubrail and windshield to match top deck of the boat.

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 8:33 AM

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What about something like this?

polarbill 03-23-2012 8:38 AM

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This picture I am going to attach is a pretty poor example but have you done a mostly white with green boat? The northwest rider boat was this combo and looked great. What would be cool is if you could do it with some sort emerald green or metal flake green. Not too dark but not too light or neon. Interior would be white base with some matching green piping or accents.

Here is the NW riders boat from the past. Thought it looked cool. It is like the sprite or 7-up boat or maybe the wonderful wizard of OZ.


polarbill 03-23-2012 8:39 AM

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MB white and green

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 8:44 AM

That's pretty funny. I hit Mike up for some lime green metal flake while he was here at the Dallas boat show. He told me to get some samples sent to him so he could see them.
That's where I planted the seed on this Ferrari boat as well. I originally planned on doing a black metal flake "X" on it.. There was a bass boat across the hall from our booth and I showed it to him but I decided to just go with the all black version.

polarbill 03-23-2012 8:48 AM

Sounds like we have some of the same ideas.

tyler97217 03-23-2012 8:50 AM

Looks awesome. How did you smoke the MB graphic? I am thinking about smoking the graphic a bit on mine now too, but still want to be able to pull the smoke off the graphic and go to the chromed look.... Was that done at the factory or did you just tint it?

FunkyBunch 03-23-2012 8:50 AM

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Not a huge fan of charcoal on a boat exception being the WW Z3 not sure why. Here are a couple cars you might like to draw inspiration from.

durty_curt 03-23-2012 9:11 AM

plz tell me that the Ferrari MB has the largest PCM engine available. . . That need for speed would really set off calling it the Ferrari boat!

durty_curt 03-23-2012 9:13 AM

On another note. . . Have you tried designing a MB with the X logo/graphics in reggae colors???

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 9:15 AM

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OK, so let me get this right....

I've heard requests for all black with peanut butter interior.. CHECK.
I've heard white and lime green. CHECK.
I've heard Kawasaki lime and blue. CHECK.
I've heard OSU orange and black. CHECK.

I've already built em boys!
Well, I didn't build the lime and blue, but we did just trade for that boat this week..

Gotcha covered!!!

polarbill 03-23-2012 9:17 AM

Those Cuda's are pretty sick. I always liked the Mother's car wash El Camino but it might be kind of plain for a boat. Would look good but plain.

polarbill 03-23-2012 9:20 AM

Craig, a kid up here in Seattle had Mastercraft make him a custom 2007 Xstar that was the same as the lime green one you just posted but the green was emerald green metal flake.

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 9:24 AM

I found the lime green metal flake but I haven't seen a sample in person yet...

shawndoggy 03-23-2012 9:47 AM


Originally Posted by durty_curt (Post 1739272)
On another note. . . Have you tried designing a MB with the X logo/graphics in reggae colors???

I'd like to see a rasta ship.

polarbill 03-23-2012 9:58 AM

this is bad picture but it is one of the green metal flake.

chattwake 03-23-2012 10:09 AM

I like the idea of a sold white boat, white powdercoated rubrail, white powdercoated mb decals, white trailer, black wheels, black diamond plate, white tower, white boardracks, SOLID white interior (all white accents/base/piping), clear lenses on the trailer, and black carpet.

That boat would pop.

FunkyBunch 03-23-2012 10:18 AM

Saw the black and orange X25 at the boat show, we loved it but needed more on the interior and the blacked out windshield and tower. I am sure it sold quickly as there seem to be a few running around DFW.

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 10:26 AM

Chatt, you'd better have armadillo skin on the bottom of your feet to have black carpet here is Dallas! ha

The black and orange X25 sold at the show the first weekend. It seemed to be very popular..

brett33 03-23-2012 10:28 AM

That green flake is pretty awesome.

Chatt- I cant wait to see your new ride, I hope you do it just like that!!

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 10:29 AM

I normally like white boats but for some reason the all white with powder coating just doesn't seem as sharp to me....

hunter660 03-23-2012 10:31 AM

I thought about trying to get green flake on my MB. Take a look at Travis Moye's newest boat. I was at the factory when is was built, the color is amazing.

UNvisible 03-23-2012 10:44 AM

i would love to know how terribly hot that peanut butter interior is during texas summer :(

03-23-2012 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by hunter660 (Post 1739304)
I thought about trying to get green flake on my MB. Take a look at Travis Moye's newest boat. I was at the factory when is was built, the color is amazing.

This one?




craigtxmc 03-23-2012 10:46 AM

It's not too bad at night..... lol

MrPeepers 03-23-2012 10:47 AM

It is definitely a party boat because NO ONE will be able to sit down on the LAVA HOT BLACK INTERIOR! :eek:

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 10:53 AM

The bimini option is actually upgraded to an "awning" when we use that interior... ha

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 10:56 AM

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Here's the lime green flake that i found..

stuey 03-23-2012 10:58 AM

How about all electric blue metalflake with barbed wire graphics??

Anyone remember that ... lol... going back a few years now.

wakecumberland 03-23-2012 11:36 AM

Black with laveneder flake would be hott! :)

polarbill 03-23-2012 11:46 AM

Craig, river green or emeralk green would look sick. I think the green flake I posted and Travis' boat are the same green flake and are probably closer to the emerald. I am not sure about having a bunch of green but something liek teh X or the accents on the classic would look goto with a mostly white boat. Maybe all Green Metal flake hull sides with a white bottom and X would look good though. I would have to see it mocked up.

Here is another idea for Mastercrafts. Not sure if you sell many prostar 197's but I think a throwback stars and stripes would be sick on a 197. Like this but a new boat.Might have to change some of the proportions though to make it look right.

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 11:57 AM

Well, out of 100 new MasterCrafts we sell about "none" 197's here in Dallas. lol

However, that is a very classic beautiful look on those boats.

Would we be crossing the line to build a stars and lines MB? lol

Txjole 03-23-2012 12:10 PM

How do these people handle those colors in the Texas sun? I can't even step on the blue on my sun pad on a 100+ day. I guess the wow factor sells them and the ouch factor comes later.

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 12:16 PM

The new style vinyls are much cooler to the touch than traditional vinyl. I've posted before about how we used to never do anything other than "the whitest available" until 2011 when we began to see this new carbon fiber style vinyl. Now it's still 112 degrees in Texas during the late summer months so beware of any vinyl that you buy. It's just ridiculous here when it's that time of year no matter what you are sitting on...

craigtxmc 03-23-2012 12:28 PM

1 Attachment(s)
OK guys, I figured it out...

We'll just call this one the "STARS & PIPES EDITION"


FunkyBunch 03-23-2012 12:31 PM

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Its friday and I don't really want to work so I have more.

polarbill 03-23-2012 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by craigtxmc (Post 1739349)
OK guys, I figured it out...

We'll just call this one the "STARS & PIPES EDITION"


Jamaican one is terrible.

Txjole 03-23-2012 12:36 PM

Craig you need to give a years worth of "BTS" (Bow to Stern) spray on wax with each boat. I currently have a blue Nautique, Red Crownline and Black jet ski and thats the only stuff that sheds water spots before they bake on. No affilation with the company, just love the product.

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