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hatepain 05-05-2010 6:36 PM

Check out this old thread...
I got a kick out of reading this old thread from 04 that I found.


It discusses the early days of tower speakers and HLCD's

Some of you guys have been around a long time.

White Chocolate? LOL :D

talltigeguy 05-05-2010 6:59 PM

Dude, I was in that thread...

The best part is when I first clicked on White Chocolate's profile. He had one of the best profile pics ever at that time. Total pimp.

Then I remember telling some friends about boats with 7 batteries, and 'White Chocolate says this and that...' They really wondered what I was smoking. Good times...

bjeremi 05-05-2010 7:52 PM

Wonder why the defcon's never got bigger. They looked pretty damn good.

wikd281 05-05-2010 9:55 PM

ahh yes. the good ole days :D

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