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ryan387 08-24-2010 1:12 PM

inland surfer fin setups - skim style boards
Anyone running anything on a 4 skim or black pearl other than the single fin that it comes with? If so, please compare it to riding just the center fin. My black pearl is a bit loose and I think I might like a little more hold, but it is hard to justify 70 bucks on the fins without even being sure. Thanks in advance

ragboy 08-24-2010 2:07 PM

If you are on facebook, look for sean cummings and ask that. He has lots of guys with different fin setups that ride with him. I am sure he could give you tons of good feedback on that.

wakemikey 08-24-2010 2:28 PM

I have the same board and I have often wondered the same thing. Boardersmall.com has the other 4skim fins for 45$ I think.

Another I do is if the board feels squirelly I reposition my rear foot a bit. Sometimes the fin is not tracking right because of my stance. It has a pretty small sweet spot where it tracks perfect.

wakemitch 08-24-2010 3:45 PM

with the 4cm fins the black pearl yellow or infectious is the best beginner board. i have taught sooo many people on it. but usually by the end of their first day they take off the side fins. they are like training wheels.

ryan387 08-24-2010 4:23 PM

Yeah I have a landlock I usually teach people on. I was curious how the board behaved with 3 of the skim style fins either the 3 or the 3.5 cm. I just feel like I honestly may be better with a bit more turning power. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't gonna make it too hard to break the board loose for tricks.

wakemitch 08-24-2010 4:31 PM

If you want to do tricks i would recommend just using the single center fin. I only have people use the side fins when they are learning to ride ropeless. Once they've got that the fins come off.

ragboy 08-24-2010 4:41 PM

@mitch, the only thing I would add to that, is that a few of sean's crew ride the 3 fin setup to give them more of a hybird surf/skim feel. I know trinity likes to ride that way, and I believe a few others.

wakemitch 08-24-2010 4:47 PM

Robert, I'm just very anti-fin. haha. Finless!!!!!

ragboy 08-24-2010 4:51 PM

Yeah, when you are so close to the ground, such a low center of gravity, like yourself, you really don't need them. By the way, I wanted to send you a private email, so I went to your web page but couldn't find it.


[NOTE TO SELF: prepare for fat joke.]

wakemitch 08-24-2010 5:28 PM

Actually since I am lighter I sit higher on the water making the board feel looser than if I was heavier and was able to sink the board more causing water to roll over the rails giving it more stability

I know a few things ;)

Dave (notsobueno) was supposed to help me get a sponsorship with Just Born Candy but I guess that never happened :(

ragboy 08-24-2010 5:59 PM

You need to get up here and show me some of that behind my boat.

ndh2o 08-25-2010 6:12 AM

I ride the BP Yellow, generally on moderate sized/powered wakes. I love the tri-fin option, although I have been riding recently with only the two outer fins. And I am running 4cm (1.6") on it. I find it actually easier to control my spins, and am still able to do shuvs. Not a huge fan of the single setup, but haven't given it much of a chance. It seems I over-rotate spins, maybe I just need to keep it single for a while and get used to it. I am interested in hearing some other setups too, always willing to try something different.

ryan387 08-25-2010 3:31 PM

Why are the fins so dang expensive?!? Didn't see any on boardersmall.com.

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