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dirwoody 08-09-2010 5:18 PM

So who won the Ronix/Sisitec 2.0?
I just realized I had the clues in my junk mail, nailed it, but wasn't the first. That's what I get for noticing the e-mails a week late.
Anybody know who won it?

wakerider111 08-09-2010 5:26 PM

kidn named evan from missouri i think it was. there are some other threads on the subject. also alliance has a blurb on it. just about all the skill and strategy for winning the promotion disolved at the last bit anyway.
congrats to Evan. sounds like he has some awesome plans for it. i hope he oppens it up somehow and introduces wakeboarding to a greater network in the area, but 'course that's up to him

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