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mikeski 12-20-2013 1:04 AM

Old topic, looking for new solutions - Broadcasting Music Signals
So this is a common old topic and for the most part I use a 1/8" audio jack from my WS-420 as the solution in my boat. I have come to accept the wired solution in the boating application.

Now in my new home I want to broadcast the music from my media room to the backyard, the master bedroom and my living room when we have a little get together at the house. Likely the solution will be an RF based solution since it seems Bluetooth is limited to a one to one connection. I need one to many. I like the way the Sonos system works with the iphone application but I don't really want to be limited to the Sonos powered speakers and amps. Brookstone has some fairly powerful speaker orb's that would do a decent job of reinforcing the music around the house in the living room and master but I believe they will fall short making the level of music I want in the backyard around the pool. My backyard is about 1/2 acre and I would like the music to be heard around about half of that area surrounding the pool that I will be putting in this winter/spring.

The architecture of the system would ideally take a bluetooth signal from my iphone to my media room receiver (Sony STR DN-1030), then split out to 3 RF transmitters to 1 RF receiver feeding 4 speakers in the backyard, 1 RF stand alone speaker in the living room, 1 RF speaker in the master.

Does anybody have any experience or recommendation for something that can do this or a better solution that I may not be aware of?


markj 12-20-2013 1:37 AM

While I don't have any advice for your specific question, I would just remind you that PVC is cheap so make sure to get plenty of sleeves for both high and low voltage installed for both now and the future. You never know what's coming up next and it would be a shame to not be able to take advantage of some new system because you have no way of getting wires or power to it. I've met you before and I'm pretty sure you already know all of this. Good luck.

philwsailz 12-20-2013 12:32 PM

Consider FM. Not a cheesy cigarette lighter FM adaptor either. REAL FM.

go to www.mobileblackbox.com and get a V6000: http://www.mobileblackbox.com/content/view/40/75/

That will allow you to broadcast in stereo to all your locations regardless of equipment being used.

You can type in your zipcode and find the best clear channel for your location here:

It really is just this simple.


DavidAnalog 12-20-2013 12:52 PM

I've had good luck with RF based links, such as the Channel Vision (which is available in an RCA preamp version without amplification). I've used wireless headphones, wireless room-to-room TV audio/video links and wireless whole-house distribution of a single XM tuner to three different full audio systems which feed additional zones. The audio fidelty is good with some equipment and the range is good BUT only in line of sight applications. It doesn't take much in the way of structure to interupt the quality and consistency of the link. Other active household RF-based systems can impact the performance also.
Although the Sonos may not fit your specific application, the Sonos wireless system works well because the RF delivery is daisy chained from one zone to the next which serves to eliminate the longer distance links.

mikeski 12-20-2013 8:28 PM

The Sonos system was the solution proposed by my local Magnolia HiFi store. It looks good but I would prefer to use the 2 pairs of Kicker outdoor I already have. Ultimately I might just hardwire the backyard and get some of the Brookstone speakers to reinforce the sound in the Living room and Master bedroom. I thought it would be easier than this since it seems like this would be a common issue. Sonos seems to have the market cornered.

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