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grant_west 12-21-2015 6:04 PM

Shadow Caster RGB underwater Lights
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Bennigton is getting some RGB underwater lights. These showed up today and I was like Holly Crap! . First off let me say I already have the Orignal Shadow Caster SC-10's on the back of my Nautique and they are amazing. They have never skipped a beat in the 3+ years I have had them.
And I have never seen any other boat put out as much light as the Shadow Casters . When these showed up I was pretty impressed. Just the weight of these is pretty impressive. It's like a nice watch that weighs way more then you would think. The Soft rubber wire out the back of the light is real thick and flexible.

grant_west 12-21-2015 6:05 PM

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Here is a shot of the Back of the light.

grant_west 12-21-2015 6:06 PM

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Here it is from the front

grant_west 12-21-2015 6:10 PM

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When Insaw that Shadow Caster was selling RGB I wanted to see what they were using. This stuff is super heavy duty. Way more beefy then anything I have come across. I like how the RGB is floating in the middle of the Waterproof coating. Most strips have the waterproof coating real thick on the outside but the bottom side or the side you glue down is real thin or close to the PC board of the RGB.

grant_west 12-21-2015 6:12 PM

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Look at this connection at the front of the strip.!!!!

grant_west 12-21-2015 6:22 PM

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I'm gonna be running this down the side of the pontoon boat up under the Rubrail out of sight but fully exposed to water and the elements. I have no doubt this stuff will stand the test of time. It looks way overbuilt and I love it. It looks like it could take some abuse and still function. (Not that I would suggest mounting it in a location) to take abuse but it looks like it could get kicked or bumped and still keep going.

I had to laugh at the SC switch Nice touch!!!!

I'm gonna use the New Wetsounds/Shadow Caster zone controller to control all the lights.
I don't know if you have see how the Zone controller works but it's Bad A$$$ I'll post a like to it in action


jonyb 12-21-2015 8:31 PM

I installed 3 of the rub scm10's 3 years ago on a centurion. They're still going as we speak.

mendo247 12-21-2015 8:44 PM

That stuff looks sweet!! Cant wait to hear what you think once installed.

mendo247 12-21-2015 9:02 PM

Are those 16ft lengths? Are you planning on soldering a couple of lengths together?

grant_west 12-21-2015 9:48 PM

The toons are 25 long so To not have to solder any together I'll take 2 strips and start them Mid ship and then run them forward and backwards. That way we don't have to solder or join the strips.

bcrider 12-22-2015 10:06 AM

Sometimes.....pretty much all the time, I wish I had Grants budget for toys.lol. Nice work!

grant_west 12-23-2015 10:02 AM

BC, I love working with and playing with high end gear. With so much on the "To Do List" you find projects fighting each other for your time. But when cool stuff comes along you always seem to clear your plate and "find time" I'm also excited to play with the Zone controller as well. Avoiding a LED drivers and connecting directly to the Dash mounted zone controller will be cool. What I find so cool is products that I use to dream about becomes a reality. "Back in the day" simply getting RGB was a 3 week wait from china and the stuff was so delicate. Now you can buy the stuff at Cost Co. If you wanted to have one Zone of your boat a different color you have to have a 2nd or 3rd controller and then you had to deal with the different remotes that's (ghetto)
If you wanted RGB underwater lights you had to become a dealer for a company in the UK and the lights were close to 5k. Looking at company's like Tim White @ Wetsounds and Jeff Pound @ Shadow Caster and now they are working together and there products have come so far it's very cool.

sidekicknicholas 12-23-2015 10:39 PM

I did RDG strips on my mom's pontoon a few years back .... under the deck facing down towards the toons/water. I just bought cheap 16 ft strips from amazon and they're still alive and kicking a few years later. I also had them tied to a music controller (at least that was one option) ... that thing is still alive too.

It gives a really cool look on the water but attracts bugs like crazy .... silver lining is the bugs all hang out down by the water and not up by the passengers.... if you're swimming at night you get swarmed though.

Im excited to see yours when its done (since your work is usually about 10x better than mine)

alindquist 12-24-2015 8:55 AM

I'll be interested in hearing how you like that controller, it looks cool but I think I read around $500... Which is expensive for a controller, but I guess if you are running $3000 in lights, what's another $500...

wetsounds1 12-24-2015 9:55 AM

Can't wait to see the finished results. Here is a little video we did to show just how easy the multi zone controller is to use. The MSRP is $449.

We spent a long time working with Brian and Jeff at Shadow Caster to bring this product to life. It was a fun project to work on and now be able to tie in the in boat rgb and underwater rgb.

Wet Sounds

grant_west 12-24-2015 11:52 AM

Tim: in that demo Video. It shows a Wetsounds Speaker. The RGB around the outside of the speaker is one Collor while at the same time the inside of the speakers is another. Did you have a RGB strip going around the Plexy Ring and another strip On a separate channel on the inside of the speaker? Meade let me know how this was done

mark197 12-24-2015 1:10 PM

These https://wetsounds.com/pages/products/XS-650-RGB.html
with https://wetsounds.com/cgi-bin/shoppe...key=LED-RING-6

grant_west 12-24-2015 2:16 PM

Ok So the inside of the Tweeter cup is on a different channel then the outside speaker ring! So that would take up a extra channel on the 4 channel controller.

Right now I was thinking. channel 1 under water lights channel 2 interior lights.(speaker rings and cupholders) Channel 3 Bimini lights. Channel 4 side lights.

Walt 12-24-2015 7:47 PM

I know I'm a little early but Happy birthday Grant.

grant_west 12-25-2015 9:40 AM

Thanks WPL

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