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ed_g 10-19-2013 12:36 PM

The Central Florida Moomba Dealership Drama
I promised a bunch of you that I would publish how this was transpiring and or resolved.

It is over

Long story short...after receiving an email fom an upper echelon officer of Skiers Choice telling me how he disrespected me posting negative statements about one of their dealers on Wakeworld before his customer service team had time to react (which is why I had the original post deleted),

and the dealership threatening me with legal action because they perceived I was spinning untruthful yarns....

the owner of this dealership decided that he would send out a technician to my home to take care of my wiring complaints.

Indeed he did!

The technicians name is Luis Sanabria.

I'm telling you - if you ever have wiring problems with your boat, you need to have this guy work on it. He is a true professional. Awesome guy.

Very friendly, customer oriented, very focused on your complaints, does not listen to hearsay from the dealership and he doesn't quit until you are 100% satisfied.

Like I told him when he was done working on my boat: "If you were cuter, I'd kiss you"!

so in retrospect, I finally have my boat operating the way it was before the service, I have been invited to shop for my next boat elsewhere and I no longer am an owner/advocate of Skiers Choice.

Anyone know where Rob Alderman now works???

Ewok01 10-19-2013 4:53 PM

What do you mean he "disrespected" you posting on WW, did you mean to type dissapointed?

So they sent a tech out to fix the wiring that they messed up and still blamed you and invited you not to shop at that dealer or skiers choice again? That seems pretty messed up to me. I'm glad you got it sorted but sounds like a skiers choice customer service/communications fail to me. Did anyone apologize for messing your boat up in the first place?

ed_g 10-20-2013 3:27 AM

no apologies need to be exchanged.

Tech did a marvelous job, represented his business very well and all parties now have closure.

and I'll state it again...if you have electrical issues - call them. I was most impressed with this tech!

He went "above and beyond"

iamcdn 10-20-2013 7:23 AM

Glad to hear things are working for you again.
Did you mean to say that SC was telling you how you disrespected them?

ed_g 10-20-2013 3:26 PM

yes, things are all working and all is good.

Bumpass1 10-20-2013 6:30 PM

Yea I confused too. If you are not going to say anything about disrespecting them, why even bring it up? I own a Skiers Choice product and i would like to know about any and all issues regarding them.

xstarrider 10-20-2013 7:03 PM

I too am confused. Original post got at some major issues that occurred with your boat at an SC dealer. Maybe little emotional, but facts are facts if your story is correct. Dealership screwed up. You questioned them they had no answers and left ya hanging according to you (which I am inclined to put more weight with since Tinker and company got on here and they sent a mechanic tk your place).

You addressed some major concerns at a relatively new dealer to you. SC rep gets in here telling you to not discrepect the dealer from what I read and gather. To me that's absurd. You have every right to post the facts. They don't like the bad press their new dealership is getting tough cookies. Call and blame the dealership not the customer. Ream out the owner or service guy
Who dropped the ball......not the guy giving info on the dealership dropping the ball.

I have experienced terrible dealerships and great ones. Great mechanics are worth the premium. So when u find one, stick with it. I am also confused w the "I am done with skiers choice" comment. That mean I sold your boat or are selling? That mean the company didn't step up as well or they left a salty taste too? Sounds to me like they just don't want you ripping their alleged new dealer. There are some major details missing here after a very detailed origin post topic.

ed_g 10-21-2013 3:44 AM

Swatguy...sounds to me like you got the gist of it.

If you (or anyone) would like to discuss this offline, I'd be happy to share my side of the experience. PM me with your email address.

To the Moomba forum boys...I'm glad I gave you something new to discuss besides bathroom remodeling, but you are starting to fabricate stuff I never wrote. The thread was deleted, quit trying to guess what happened. Sandm, yes I did get the 28" Samsung.

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