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brycejb328 03-08-2011 7:46 PM

Upholstery cost??
Here is the rear bench and observers seat from my sunsetter that are in major need of attention. I want to eliminate the design on the seat back and do a simple 2 tone. I did get one estimate already that I thought was a little nuts. What do you think a job like this should cost??

If any MN people know of someone who does upholstery and has good prices/quality... let me know!!
<a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Pbz3WDlgp9aB_I2B6mzU2TV10054pBZhydXV1pt4z00?feat=e mbedwebsite"><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_NI0glrSW6z8/TXbjk9fm7WI/AAAAAAAAAhM/lZxgEp5Fu40/s640/IMG_20110308_201717.jpg" height="478" width="640" /></a>
<a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/guuFVt8QCW46SaC2M96oQTV10054pBZhydXV1pt4z00?feat=e mbedwebsite"><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_NI0glrSW6z8/TXbj0zfr32I/AAAAAAAAAhU/EBfNDbE7q6c/s640/IMG_20110308_201506.jpg" height="478" width="640" /></a>

cadunkle 03-08-2011 8:32 PM

Curious what a ballpark cost is. I was told by a local shop $100 per seat cushion. They have a good reputation, but I've heard as low as $50 a pop... Though can't find anywhere that'll do it for that.

murphy_smith 03-09-2011 8:29 AM

$100 per seat cushion is WAY low but if they do quality work (marine vinyl, marine stitching and stainless staples) that is a hell of a deal.

In the past I have ordered the skins from Chee at Malibu - he uses the current vinyl that is going on the V-rides when I have him make replacement skins for my 97 sunsetter.

I paid $200 for the observer seat bottom and lean back pad and about $325 for the two rear pieces and then put them on myself. His work is excellent and the material is top notch.

I'd be curious to see the product and type of work prior to using either one on the "prices" you listed above

grant_west 03-09-2011 8:43 AM

My Guess for the 2 cushons in the 1st picture is $ $275 to $350
The 2nd Picture $325 to $450.

Thats a guess on a Drop off and pick up price. Not a skin.

murphy_smith 03-09-2011 8:49 AM

What that hell happened to the big seat back in the picture? It looks like a shark bit!!!

bmartin 03-09-2011 12:11 PM

I had two corner rear seats re-upholstered at a local mom and pop type place with marine vinyl for around $75/each but it was a one color vinyl job on smaller seats. Dropped off ripped, picked up looking like new.

melvinator 03-09-2011 12:45 PM

Murphy thats from people stepping on it for 13 years! I have the same exact boat but a vlx. I just paid $725 last summer to have the exact same thing done, but I have a big sun pad on the back. $100 a cushion is super cheap. Talk to your local boat dealer and find out where they have repairs done, thts what I did. There is usually a little old lady that does fantastic work for cash!

brycejb328 03-09-2011 5:05 PM

^^ thats exactly what I am looking for is someone who does it on the side who still does good work. unfortunately those connections dont come up in a google search. Yes, the massive tear in the seam on the rear bottom is from people stepping on it, almost impossible (unless ur super tall) to step up and over the rear seat to get to swim platform. The one shop said they could do a removable piece there so it could be taken out and there would be a step there instead of cushion.

The shop I had quote me said a $1k do do what is pictured and make that removeable section for the rear seat. seemed steep to me...

Jeff 03-10-2011 8:01 AM

MasterCraftSkins.com quoted me $100 per cushion too but that was with a DIY installation. It was $220 for the sundeck. They have a good reputation on the MC Teamtalk forum. I've decided to wait on it since mine isn't nearly as bad as what's shown in the OP's pics.

melvinator 03-10-2011 8:08 AM

$1000 is really a pretty good price to do that work and make the removable piece. Talk to a malibu dealer and see if you can get the skins and put them on yourself, it will be close to $1000 I am guessing. The lady that did mine had to take off the old, trace it, cut it out, sew it then attach it. I see you are in MN, this lady is in michigan I could put you in touch with her if you would like, UPS shipping would not be that much especially if you just sent the skins back and forth, let me know.

boarder831 03-20-2011 7:06 PM

Upholstery cost??
2 Attachment(s)
I was shopping around and found a post on Craigslist. So here's another job for comparison purposes.
3 bench and the spotter's seat and back for our 2000 Sanger V-210 $450.00 (labor and material) from a local upholstery guy working out of his shop/ garage in NorCal.

jeff_mn 03-20-2011 9:22 PM

I would get all of the skins from Chee at Malibu, install them yourself and create your own walkthrough.

sangeria 03-21-2011 12:03 PM

Nick...who did you use? I have the exact same interior on my v210 and looking for somebody to do some upholstery work. Any help/phone number appreciated...

03-21-2011 1:32 PM

Hey Nick, where in NorCal? Can you shoot me contact information as well? sperbet@yahoo.com, thanks!

boarder831 03-21-2011 3:32 PM

Upholstery cost
I'm in Prunedale (North Monterey County) and Loyd's shop is just off San Miguel Canyon Rd.
Here's the contact info: (831) 768-1801 or (831) 262-2921 Another guy I work with used him as well, I just dropped off the seats and picked them up when they were done.

brycejb328 03-21-2011 8:10 PM

wow... the job on that Sanger seems very reasonable!!

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