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skier12 05-15-2009 4:22 PM

Has anyone heard of the Brownstone Park? It sounds like a winch park with rails and jumps. The advertising is terrible. The only reason I even heard about this place is because my buddy lives in the town. I have no idea what it's like but it's definately a first for CT. <BR> <BR><a href="http://brownstonepark.com/activities/wakeboard/" target="_blank">http://brownstonepark.com/activities/wakeboard/</a>

05-15-2009 5:12 PM

hey kyle, its the first i've heard of it and i only live like 10 min. away from there. might be worth checking out this summer though.

WakeisLife 12-16-2011 5:59 AM

Brownstone Park
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Its a new facility and they have a 2.0 now. Next year they are supposed to have 3 of them and some crazy ass features. Heres some pics of the kids that were rippin it last summer

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