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wakebo2169 12-13-2005 1:10 PM

So there's a lot of talk about both of these boards. I'm going to buy one within the next few weeks, but performance doesn't have them for demo yet so i'm sort of going to be buying blind. I know i can adapt my riding to the board after a few sets but I'd like get some opinions on both from people who have ridden them. I'm riding a balance without the center fin right now and have ridden a 137 fish alot lately as well so thats what i'm switching off of, and i'm a competant rider, not a beginner or anything. Has anyone ridden either or both of these boards that is a fairly advanced rider? I'm mainly looking for comparisons in speed when on edge, pop, looseness, ease of spinning, and forgiveness when landing. Thanks alot.

shavis 12-13-2005 2:02 PM

from what it sounds the watson is smooth and the shane is faster.....the wastson has the disc hull while the shane has a triple hull....im thinkin im goin w/ the shane....

rhettb 12-15-2005 8:34 AM

Im trying to decide as well, but Im between the PS3, Shane, and Watson. I do a lot of raley based tricks and take my other inverts into the flats as well, so speed or acceleration into the wake is important to me, as well as soft landings - I ride the substance now, love the pop, but would like something a little faster - I have looked at all the Shane/Watson/PS3 posts, and none of them are really that informing from a more advanced riders perspective - guess it will be demo time before dropping around 5 bills

uppledup17 12-15-2005 9:28 AM

How are Raleys on the Substance. I am nowhere near attempting but I feel like I get more stright up pop on that board than anything else.

rhettb 12-15-2005 9:48 AM

Raleys on the substance are fine. You're right though, you do get more of a straight up pop, but that ends up being a plus for hoochies and such. If you have a good edge, any decent board will be fine for a raley. I just want that little bit of extra speed and acceleration into the wake for peace of mind, and maybe that little bit of extra hang time that separates a decent raley from the jaw dropping ones

shavis 12-17-2005 1:05 PM

the shane sounds like is the fastest of the 3...i am also looking into those 3 boards....but have only demoed the ps3 which is unbelivabley amazing <BR>

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