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roskow 08-31-2003 10:26 AM

I'm headed to my starting point, Philadelphia, for a week. When I left I didn't know what wakeboarding was. What's the seen over there? Where can I go to get on the water? Any proshops in the area? I'm not having much luck searching the net. I'll be in Delaware for a few days also.

gpalovcak 08-31-2003 6:34 PM

I have never been on the Schuylkill. We go north of Philadelphia on the Delaware River near Bristol. We go to SOS in PT Pleasant, NJ. for our gear.

nj_alex 09-03-2003 7:34 PM

In 2002 the X Games were in Philadelphia and I saw the pros wakeboard in the SchuylkillRiver. The water looked shallow, scummy and nasty, just like you'd expect an inner-city river to be in a 200+ year old city. I've read some postings here about people who wakeboard way up the Schuylkill River somewhere where the water is supposed to be cleaner, but good luck. I know Jeff Barton has a wakeboard operation happening just outside of Philadelphia. <a href="http://www.rideecs.com" target="_blank">www.rideecs.com</a> Be sure to tell Jeff I sent you. Finally, Liquid Sports Authority is in Pensauken, NJ and you can call them at 856-488-9443.

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