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fbricard 10-15-2006 7:29 PM

I had a mate who had an 04 Byerly 137. Had to send it back twice because the flow through fins de-laminated. The 2nd board had one fin de-laminate before he rode the board in the next season. <BR> <BR>Just curious if they fixed that issue with the 05/06 batches? Quite keen on getting it, though the 07 just looks so good.

duffy 10-16-2006 4:31 AM

Hey bro I bought an 04 Byerly in April of 04. I rode it for that whole season, last year, and this season. It just started to delaminate 2 weekends ago on one of the fins. I just glued it back and its O.k. Also I live in Florida so I rode it core for 8-9 months a season plus a couple of times in the salt.So I think he just got a bad board. If it happens again call Hyperlite express your concerns and if they can't get it right go to another set-up. Not that I have anything against Hype but I just bought the Transcend 142 w/Zues.Good luck..

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