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mike_d 07-24-2004 4:13 PM

Hey I just moved into a 3bdrm house on the water in lake elsinore I need 1 more roomate. I have a brand new X-star in the driveway and my other buddie is a pro wakeboarder, riding will be off the hook. move in on the 1st of aug. 625 a month inclding utilitys. If you need a place and want to ride let me know. House is only 3 years old. Let me know if you want more info.

iewc 07-24-2004 6:13 PM

Hey, im interested. Let me know more info. <BR><a href="mailto:hindsgeoff@hotmail.com">hindsgeoff@ho tmail.com</a> <BR>Geoff

thane_dogg 07-26-2004 11:52 AM


mango 07-26-2004 11:53 AM

Lets see some pics of this lakehouse.

guido 07-26-2004 1:13 PM

I hate you. Oops, hate is a strong word....Nope, I hate you.

wakeboardwade 07-26-2004 1:35 PM

sound kinda fishy

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