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superwake220 09-23-2013 12:49 PM

V226 ballast set up?
Just upgraded from a 05 Supreme V220 to a 2012 V226. Looking for some help on the ballast set up. I weight 250. Also trying to hide as much as possible. Any words of wisdom and pics will help. Thanks:cool:

Rob17 09-23-2013 2:11 PM

Scott, congrats. We bought ours just over a year ago and love it. We weight
It the same all the time and the same on both sides.
Hard tank in the corner full 300
1100 lb bag in the back locker
400 lbs lead under the side seat as far back as you can go
Center tank full

Speeds usually between 11 to 11.6. I think my speedo reads a bit fast.
Trim usually 50 to 75%

Works for us all the time. We usually have the kids up front which helps a bit but is fine
With out it.

I have recently talked with another 226 owner that put 300 lbs of
lead under the 1100 lb sack instead of under the side seats. They
love it but I have yet to try it

Hope this helps

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