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irishrider92 01-02-2012 11:56 AM

Riding on a Ruined Knee
So about 3 months ago I had a rugby injury that resulted in a partially torn ACL, anterior lateral meniscus tear and lateral condyle bone bruising. Since then I've been taking it easy and not riding too much, but I really want to be able to ride at a competitive level just once in a month's time. I'm buying a good donjoy knee brace and so far have been able to do 180s and grabs with little/no problems. I've tried inverts in the last 2 days and had to stop my set straight after because of the awkward landing or takeoff.

So I'm really looking for a way to protect my ACL as much as possible (exercises, stance options, using insoles, etc). Any help anyone can offer would be great.

P.S. I know I really shouldn't be riding in my current state but its a once off thing and if I have to get surgery and take the summer off riding, I'd rather have ridden in this comp than not. I'll be looking at different treatment options immediately after I get back.


rmotoxxx711 01-02-2012 12:26 PM

I tore my ACL MCL and lateral meniscus on a double up (ACL was completely gone) and my buddy did his ACL partially in the same month. He got his with a sort of "shrink wrap" procedure and it ended up tearing all the way shortly after. I did a hamstring graft (from the choices of that graft, a patella graft or cadaver ligament). I don't regret the hamstring graft at all but i would do a cadaver ligament next time for sure as the recovery is a little easier. A lot of people talk about how they are only 60-70% of what they used to be and blah blah blah, it's mostly mental and that takes time to get back. I still work mine out 3-4 times a week with select work outs out side of riding.

As for your knee that is currently jacked, I can honestly say that your probably gonna end up doing more to your already torn miniscus which will lead to arthritis and constant pain down the road. Is it worth for one competition? To me, no. I ride outlaw and ride my ass off into the flats riding hard and often, so unless your Danny harf throwing a knee brace on with no ACL to win the x games cuz it's your paying career, I don't see it as worth it. Not to mention if it tears your meniscus further that'll be more of problem than an ACL graft. ACLs are replaceable, meniscus isnt.
I use DonJoy knee braces and they're legit. If it fits a little loose when wet get a neoprene knee sleeve like some basket ball playerswear and use it under to help out

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