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wakeridercwb 05-30-2011 9:38 PM

GoPro question
I just got a gopro and brought it to the lake to record some wakesurfing and i was wondering how to take still shots from the video? I have a mac and i have only been able to use a screen shot which is terrible quality. Is there any ways to do it where it stays HD?

glassywater09 05-31-2011 8:00 PM

Quicktime7... I'm sure there are plenty other ways but if you pause the video, command C to copy, then command V paste to an email. At that point it becomes a tiff and you can move it around...

lakeskater 06-22-2011 5:49 PM

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On my macbook, command shift 3, takes a screenshot and places a jpeg file on my desktop.

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