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ridininmd 04-02-2010 7:18 AM

I need voting help
I need a favor, we're trying to get the mega truck that I helped build into a invitation only competition next month and we need all the votes that we can get. You can vote once a day per IP, so vote from work, home, and your cell.

Voting is easy just click the name "Jimmy Rigged- Jimmy Yeager" and hit vote.
Thanks in advance!

ridininmd 04-02-2010 10:58 AM


chris4x4gill2 04-05-2010 11:01 AM

Thats a pretty serious mud park. Wish we had something around here like that back when I was playing alot. On second thought, I got into enough trouble as it was / is.

Anyway...i voted but where are pics of the trucks?

ridininmd 04-07-2010 1:57 PM

yeah, for whatever reason they didn't put pics or bios on the voting page. It's the first time they've done a vote in event like this so I guess they'll get that worked out for the next time.

Keep voting please!

jonblarc7 04-07-2010 2:07 PM


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