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pnichols 04-08-2008 11:15 AM

I'm looking into tinting the windshield of my boat, and was wondering if there is any legal issues. I talked to a place that was recommended to me, and they are quoting me $250.. They told me that they will have to take the windshield out to to it properly. If anyone has had this done and can call bs on this please let me know.

ldc 04-08-2008 11:25 AM

i have it done on my Centurion, no laws in colorado as far as i know. i had it done with the windshield mounted on the boat cost like $300 <BR> <BR>dc

lovin_the_wake 04-08-2008 11:25 AM

I know around here (in Arkansas) you can tint your boat as dark as you want

ridininmd 04-08-2008 11:30 AM

No laws against it that I know of. Mine is tinted 5%, I think I paid about $180 to have it done. They didn't remove my windshield to do it. But some people do take them off to do it, it would be a lot easier to tint with it off for sure.

ripr 04-08-2008 12:53 PM

There aren't laws for it like cars...I don't know of any DNR law for my state that comes close to talking about window tint. <BR> <BR>I think I paid $225 or $250 or something...didn't take the windshield off, but the dude definetly said it was no picnic.

Ben Kerran 04-08-2008 12:57 PM

No laws that I know of, but it definitely makes it harder to see when coming in at twilight. Plan on looking over the top as the sun starts to set.

pnichols 04-08-2008 1:03 PM

Thanks for the info. I was wondering if it made it more difficult to see through the windshield.

deltariderscom 04-08-2008 1:09 PM

Plan on paying more for the tinting if it is a newer boat. Due to the curves in the windshield the prices go up quick and yes it is normal for them to yank the windshield to do a quality job.

kana12 04-08-2008 6:24 PM

not a law in texas i dont think. my last boat had limo tint on it. looked bad ass but was realy dangerous

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