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sidekicknicholas 01-10-2012 8:12 AM

Vegas 11th-18th (CES)
I head out tomorrow for a week long Vegas trip..... just wondering if any other WW'ers will there there for CES.

Our trip is lightly based on the convention for me, but mostly my fiance' wanting to go to Miss America (competed last year) to cheer a buddy, the current Miss Wisconsin.

I don't even know if I'll end up making it to CES but either way still have 7 nights of drunken madness planned.

..... also, I've been to Vegas twice, done most of the touristy things.... anything else that is a hidden gem, or other MUST DO items?


jarrod 01-10-2012 1:30 PM

7 night is Vegas? You're going to DIE!

Steak Dinner a Cut is always on my list.

Chuch 01-10-2012 1:42 PM

I'll actually be out there on the 17-18th for SHOT show. Always a good time with that crowd. I've got dinner set up with a client at N9NE at the Palms...always one of my favorite meals for some reason. I'm always working when out there, so asking me about anything other than convention centers and restuarants is a waste. LOL

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