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brrrdog 07-15-2003 9:53 PM

If you guys have read my other posts, you'll know that I'm having a bad month. 9 staples, 9 stitches, ankles, blah blah. If you have any injury stories that you recovered from feel free to share. I'd like to know that I'm not the only one that has had an accident or two ;).

07-23-2003 6:10 AM

Broke my hand doing a front somersault. Broke my arm when my hand went thru the handle. Many different cuts but still like to ride hard.

brrrdog 08-01-2003 1:47 PM

Now I can't complain. Thanks Randy. May we both make it thru another season.

08-04-2003 9:50 AM

Where you from Dogg?

brrrdog 08-19-2003 6:56 PM

Michigan. You?

09-09-2003 2:25 PM

North Carolina.

06-24-2004 12:19 AM

Got hit in the head with the board.Had a bump for 3 days and a small cut.Pull my wrist out on my first outing.Im from Lousisana.

07-27-2004 10:06 PM

Okay,I had a bad day last week.I went hydrosliding and bailed over 5 times.I jumped the wake all 5 times but bailed upon landing.I either cut my head open(small cut,but no sharks ^_^),pulled a mussle,and poped a vein.I didnt land a single one.So call me Jonny Knoxxville!

09-14-2004 2:20 PM

board somehow ended up slicing my head open on my hair line, just a scar nothing much <BR>what lake do you go to kneebrdextreme? i go to lake james

11-24-2004 11:27 AM

Well,I havent gone,but the cut on my head left no scar.My board hasnt suffered any injuries exsept the sun's heat.

10-29-2005 9:35 AM

dislocated pinky finger on a double back roll! I was in a tuck position when i landed with the handle in to my stomach and then folded my body over the handle and traped it between my thighs and stomach then the rope was ripped out of my hands the handle tried to take my finger with it. when i was under water right after it happened i thought it was ripped off but still clenched in my hand when I surfaced I looked in my hand to see it was still attached but folded over at the first knuckle 90 degrees so I was holding onto my finger with the other three. It didnt hurt at all until I got back to the dock and then popped it back in. It looked bad ass when I threw up the horns though!

waterdork88 11-07-2005 8:15 PM

hey bob you sound pretty crazy...i recently hit my eyelid on the kneeboard...it looks cut but its only bruised

05-30-2006 11:35 AM

cracked a rib being towed at the same time as a friend and he jumped into me.

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