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Yankees39 06-18-2019 3:11 AM

Memphis Marine Eq and Bluetooth
Anyone have any experience with the Memphis Marine EQ with BT. basically a cheaper version of the WS420bt. I know WS is the bees knees but wondering if this is soemewhat of a replacement that will work okay.


We just purchased a 2006 Malibu 23LSV that has decent stereo system in it but I would like to quickly be able to adjust tower speakers independently from the boat speakers along with having BT capabilities. The Wet Sounds unit is perfect and includes the PA system which I really want due to having little ones and would like to communicate with them while they are wakeboarding or tubing etc. not sure if the Memphis unit can do that either. But obviously I like the price point.

Also where is everyone mounting the EQ ? Making a bracket and mounting bottom left of the steering wheel? Or bottom right? Or pulling old stereo head unit and mounting in the location?

Thanks for the input. 

on_wi 06-18-2019 3:23 AM

Up until the point at which you said you wanted to be able to communicate via the PA all you really need is an Exile Digital Media Center and a dual volume knob. Thats like 100$ total and simply replaces your head unit. Just a relatively inexpensive option to consider.

Also, your link doesn't work.

Yankees39 06-18-2019 3:25 AM


Hopefully that link works.

Ya I would definitely like a PA system if possible.

Shakarocks 06-20-2019 3:42 AM

Memphis stuff is surprisingly good.

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