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shorewake 07-31-2013 8:06 AM

Where to find new boat pricing
Can anyone point me in the direction of new boat prices? So far the only one that seems to be easy to find is MB, it's right on the main page of the website when you click on the individual boat.

I am trying to compare boats and just get an idea of prices. Even a lot of the dealers don't list prices on the internet. I also do not want to start contacting dealers because they will never leave you alone until you've purchased from them or you tell them you purchased from someone else.

Also anything else I should use as comparisons, here's my list so far
(btw looking for a 20' to under 23' boat)
Stock wake
wake surf system and surf wake (ie surfgate)
PNP ballast
total dry weight
salt water compatibility
trailer included
tower speakers included
picklefork vs traditional

polarbill 07-31-2013 8:33 AM

Price changes so much from region to region and dealer to dealer it isn't worth looking up an msrp. You are better off finding real world asking prices and with what lptions from your local dealers.

boardman74 07-31-2013 9:07 AM

Brett is right. Boats can easily fluctuate 10K between dealers and regions. No one sells for MSRP so its just not accurate for comparison sake.

DenverRider 07-31-2013 9:15 AM

Trust your dealer for prices says the hypno-toad. I'm pretty sure that the reason that prices change so much from dealer to dealer is that some dealers ask for a 15% margin (yeah right) and some dealers want a 50% margin (more likely). I'm pretty sure that the reason the OP is asking about MSRP is so that he can keep from getting ripped off by one of our many honest boat dealers that would never inflate prices for their own gain. Of course a business needs to make money but who wants to be the guy that owes 20K more than his boat is worth as soon as he tows it home so that the boat dealership can put a big plus in their earnings column?

boardjnky4 07-31-2013 9:26 AM

I have no idea how accurate this is, but check it out:


boardman74 07-31-2013 9:37 AM

Well if he is buying new really doesn't matter. Most of the boat manufacturers have protected selling territories. So you have to go buy from your local dealer even if they are more expensive. I consider that to be a monopoly. It takes away the pricing competition. You can't really shop dealers as they will turn you away when they find out your not in their territory. There are ways to get past that, but then you have to take it where you bought it to have it serviced and for warranty.

Its not like trucks where you can hit the 4 Chevy dealers within 30 minutes of your house and they will all be more than happy to sell you a truck, then buy from the one with the best pricing.

Prime example was me right after I bought my Tige. I referred numerous people on here and Tige owners to my dealer because I feel like he has very fair pricing compared to prices I have seen posted on here and other places. Almost all the people who called him were out of territory and he had to refer them to their local dealers. He is an honest dealer and follows the rules. I don't think that is right or fair to consumers. Looks oddly like a monopoly when your in the higher priced territory(I'm not and still think it is). Like Eric said, some dealers are really sticking it to people.

Wasn't there a site someone posted with boat invoice pricing?? Thats the one!!^^^^^^^

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